Louisville Water Presents: Out of the Archives

In 1860, Louisvillians first experienced the convenience of having water delivered directly to their homes. To celebrate that occasion and the many other exciting technological and health advances that were to come, Louisville Water Company is producing "Out of the Archives,” a monthly collection of photos and stories that will share Louisville Water's extensive collection of photographs, films, artifacts and architectural drawings.

Louisville Water Works, as Louisville Water was originally known, began operations on October 16, 1860 with a Pumping Station and Water Tower that still stand at Zorn Avenue. Preparations to convert the original Pumping Station into the “Louisville WaterWorks Museum” lead to the development of the “Out of the Archives” feature which will provide customers with a sense of what is to come once the museum is complete.

Louisville Water's founders did a meticulous job of preserving the company's beginnings and throughout its history company leaders have always been protective of its archives.

Louisville Water has hundreds of photographs, some dating back to 1860, handwritten minutes and customer notes, pieces of the original water mains, meters and tools. The company even produced a silent move in 1938 showing the steam engines operating and mules cleaning out the reservoir.

Louisville Water would like to hear from customers who have their own memories of the community's early Water Works.
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