Lawn and Garden Watering

During the summer, keep a beautiful landscape by watering efficiently.  Read on for some helpful tips.
  • Mow your lawn to the correct height: at least 2 inches for cool season grasses (those that stay green all year) or about 1 inch for warm season grasses (those that turn brown in the winter).
  • Water early in the day – the earlier the better to minimize evaporation and prevent lawn disease.
  • Deep soak the lawn. Most lawns need 1 inch of water each week. If it’s really hot, try watering more frequently. It’s better to deep soak rather than watering lightly.
  • Place a shallow bowl, about 1-inch deep, on the lawn while watering. When the bowl is full, you know you’ve watered with the right amount.
  • Check hose connections for leaks. A small leak can waste hundreds of gallons a day.
  • Remember to water container plants and those with shallow roots more frequently.
  • Control where your water goes! Place sprinklers so water doesn’t hit pavement and avoid watering on windy days.

For large areas, consider installing an irrigation system.  Louisville Water offers a retro-fit irrigation meter on an existing water service, which allows separate metering of irrigation water usage from residential usage. There are no sewer charges on irrigation usage. Click here for more information.