Wellhead Protection

Louisville Water draws raw (or untreated) water directly from the Ohio River and through the natural aquifer next to the river using Riverbank Filtration (Link to Riverbank Filtration page) technology. Wellhead protection is a plan designed to protect the groundwater resources of a public water system from contamination. Click here to read more about Wellhead Protection.

Several brochures are available to residents living within the Wellhead Protection Area. Click on the following titles for more information on how to protect the groundwater:

Best Management Practices - Lawn Care

Buying or selling a home with a heating oil tank

Buying or selling a home with a septic system

Care and Feeding of Aboveground Storage Tanks

Choosing a Lawn Care Service

Common Paint Wastes - a Homeowner's Guide

Do you have Well Water on your Property

Groundwater Protection Plans for Homeowners

Hazardous Materials Disposal Reference Guide for Homeowners

A Healthy Lawn Helps the Environment

Heating Oil Tank Addendum

Homeowner's Potential Contaminant Inventory

Homeowner's Septic System checklist

Household Floor Drains

Household Septic Systems

Integrated Pest Management

Lawn Care Products

Listing of Certified Tank Removal Companies in Louisville, Kentucky

Making your Lawn "Green" for Less Money - EPA Source Reduction Assistance Grant

Why use Native Plants

Pocket Field Guide to Kentucky Wildflowers

Pocket Field Guide to Weeds

Garden Design with Native Kentucky Plants

Landscaping for Wildlife Mammals

Landscaping for Wildlife Reptiles

Landscaping for Wildlife Butterflies

Landscaping for Wildlife Birds

Recognizing Beneficial Insects

Recognizing Insect Pests

Non-chemical Controls for Insects

Pollution Prevention begins at Home

Preventing Groundwater Pollution JUNK - Haul it away

Recycling Reference Guide for Homeowners

Removing an Underground Heating Oil Tank

Report on Source Reduction - An EPA Grant

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - overview

Chapter 2 - Kentucky Wildflowers

Chapter 3 - Kentucky Native Grasses

Chapter 4 - Kentucky Native Plants

Chapter 5 - Kentucky Nurseries

Chapter 6 - Kentucky Unwanted Plants

Chapter 7 - Index of Plants

Chapter 8 - Garden Design

Chapter 8 - Design Tables

Chapter 9 - Pesticides

Chapter 9 Appendix

Chapter 10 - Integrated Pest Management

Chapter 10 Appendix

Chapter 11 - Pest Identification

Chapter 12 - Green Lawn Care

Safe Pesticide Use

Tank Removal Checklist

Used Oil and Antifreeze

What you need to know about Groundwater

Links to State and Federal sites:

Kentucky Division of Water Wellhead Protection Program

EPA Source Water Protection