Louisville Water Foundation

Since its charter in 1854, Louisville Water’s primary focus has been improving public health and the quality of life in the communities it serves. To further that mission, Louisville Water created a charitable extension of the company, the Louisville Water Foundation. The Foundation began operating in April 2013.
The Foundation’s primary mission is water assistance and water education. The Foundation will initially fund the company’s Customer Assistance Program, which helps customers who have difficulty paying their water bill. In addition, the Foundation will provide assistance for water education efforts and will support programs with a mission of providing safe drinking water in other countries.
In the future, the Foundation Board may also decide to fund other water-related programming.
Foundation Beliefs, Vision & Mission
The Louisville Water Foundation believes that water is an essential and precious resource to life. In fact, water is life’s most valuable natural resource. The quality and availability of water is directly linked to the health and well-being of communities, so the Foundation believes every individual should have convenient access to a reliable and affordable supply of safe water.
The Foundation envisions a world where safe water is available and valued.

It’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of the communities it serves and around the world by providing water assistance and water education.

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Marita Willis – Chair, Louisville Water Foundation
  • Creighton Mershon – Vice-Chair, Louisville Water Foundation
  • Glenn Sullivan – Board Member, Louisville Water Foundation
  • Jim Brammell – President, Louisville Water Foundation
  • Amber Halloran – Treasurer, Louisville Water Foundation
  • Barbara Dickens – Secretary, Louisville Water Foundation
  • Greg Heitzman -- Board Member, Louisville Water Foundation

The Louisville Water Foundation was organized by Louisville Water Company exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. Specifically, the Foundation promotes public health and identifies water-related needs in the communities Louisville Water serves and around the world. The Foundation supports outreach and education initiatives that focus on the value of a safe supply of water.
Examples of Activities

  • Potable water solutions in water-poor communities
  • Water stewardship education
  • Surface or Groundwater protection education
  • Watershed cleanup
  • Water assistance programs serving individuals and/or communities
  • Water awareness or education campaigns

To inquire or learn more about the Louisville Water Foundation, email Kelley Dearing Smith.