2012 Annual Report

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It is my pleasure to present the 2012 Annual Report, a compilation of achievements made by the Louisville Fire Department over the past twelve months. This yearly account is an overview to the challenges and successes our dedicated members of Suppression, Prevention, Administration, Arson Investigation, Automotive Service, Training, and Support Services have faced as a department. It reflects our resilience and ability to adapt in a world of invariables from human error to Mother Nature.

In conjunction with Mayor Greg Fischer’s Citizens Bill of Rights, the Louisville Fire Department strives to efficiently deliver prompt services to this community with professional courtesy and respect.

Our department continues to progress in the face of a sluggish economy and the rising costs of doing business. We continue to evaluate our operational methods, and look for ways to enhance the services we deliver to the businesses and residents of Louisville. Our focus is to educate the public in the prevention of fire hazards, stress the importance of preparedness in the event of an emergency, and remain steadfast in our goal to make Louisville a fire safe city.

Steeped in the tradition of excellence, character and pride, the Louisville Fire Department is second to none in the quality of service provided to this community. As we strive to surpass that which is expected of us, we will continue to serve our neighborhoods with the knowledge, commitment and compassion they deserve.

As always, I express my gratitude to Mayor Greg Fischer, The Louisville-Metro Council and the residents of Louisville for their support of the Louisville Fire Department in our efforts to deliver the highest level of services and ensure the safety of all people that visit, work and live in Louisville.


Gregory W. Frederick, Colonel

Chief, Louisville Division of Fire