Bureaus & Services

Chief Gregory W. Frederick

Lt. Col. Douglas V. Recktenwald Executive Assistant Chief  574-2902 
Easton C. Milligan Facility Engineer 574-2910 

Planning, Risk Management & Safety
Lt. Col. Charles R. Adkisson Assistant Chief Safety and Planning  574-2932 
Maj. Randolph Croney  Auto Service Facility  574-3741 
Maj. James W. Frederick Research & Development  
Maj. Michael G. Hendrickson 574-3701
Maj. Terrence A. Delaney   

Suppression (Operations & Fire Fighting)
Lt. Col. Carroll E. Haueter Assistant Chief Operations  574-2914 
Lt. Col. Joseph G. Nally 574-2915
Lt. Col. Eugene J. Botner 574-2916 

Fire Prevention
Lt. Col. William F. Bowman

Fire Marshal


Maj. Brian S. Meurer Inspections and Education  574-2940 

Communications & Support Services
Lt. Col. William F. Bowman Assistant Chief Communications & Support  
Communications, Support Services  574-3037 
Capt. Salvador Melendez Public/Media Relations  574-2943 
Capt. Stephen P. Crume Information Technology 574-3806
Mr. John S. Leake 574-4263 

Maj. Edward A. Dunagan Assistant Chief Training  574-2932 
Lt. Col. Charles R. Adkisson Chief of Training 574-3080

Arson, Special Events
Lt. Col. William F. Bowman Assistant Chief Arson 574-2908 
Maj. Henry Ott  Arson  574-2907