The Fire Communications Bureau is the central receiving point for emergency and non-emergency service requests for fire, hazardous substance, medical, injury, and rescue intervention from the public and other agencies within the Urban Services District.  The Bureau handles and tracks all calls for service, dispatches and monitors the response of Division units, and makes follow-up notifications.  Dispatchers prioritize incidents for response based on severity and life-hazard and give life-preserving pre-arrival instructions to bystanders at the most critical scenes pending the arrival of emergency personnel.

The employees operate from 4 call-taking units positions.  These units display the resident name and address of all calls received via 9-1-1.  All calls are recorded on digital recording equipment. Information related to 9-1-1 calls is also available on a printout that logs every 9-1-1 call, including the time Communications (also referred to as FCB) received the call, time the FCB completed the call, and amount of time the FCB remained on the line with the caller.

The Division's Communications Bureau is part of MetroSafe and is housed at 761 Barret Avenue. The Bureau dispatches an around of 50,000 incidents yearly.