Fire Prevention Bureau


The Fire Prevention Bureau's main responsibility is to provide community services that make the City of Louisville a safer place to live and work. The following is a list of services it provides:

        Code Enforcement  

Code Inspection & Enforcement

This section’s mission is to inspect all facilities within the City (excluding one and two family dwellings.) Inspectors insure minimum fire prevention and control standards are being maintained in specific properties. Inspections of properties occur on a routine and scheduled basis and also upon complaint. In 2005 the Bureau conducted 11,017 inspections and 3,562 re-inspections. It also investigated 778 citizen complaints.
      Hazardous Materials  

Hazardous Materials Inspections

The Bureau’s Hazardous Materials Specialist oversees matters pertaining to production, processing, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials in the community. The City presently over 700 locations storing hazardous materials and an annual review and inspection of these properties is imperative. The Bureau conducted 1,040 hazardous material inspections in 2005.  The Division is also is responsible for all "Community Right To Know" information which is provided from the federal government. Annual submittals from local companies and industry are submitted every March 1st. This information is then cataloged and distributed to the community and the fire stations.
              Plan Review  
Personnel assigned to this section reviews construction plans and specifications and follow contractors progress during building construction and renovation projects.  The Bureau conducted 1,348 New Construction inspections in 2005.
         Public Education  

Public Education

This group of personnel directs their attention to developing and delivering fire safety education to the community by means of prepared classes and demonstrations. Every year the Bureau conducts around 1,000 educational programs within the community.
  Great Louisville Fire Drill  

Great Louisville Fire Drill 2005

Every October The Louisville Division of Fire hosts the Great Louisville Fire Drill. This event offers fire safety education to the public in a fun filled atmosphere. Over 15,000 visitors attend annually.
            Smoke Alarms  

Smoke Alarm

Mayor Fischer and Metro Government demonstrate concern and support for Fire Prevention by providing ten-year lithium battery smoke alarms to those property owners who cannot afford one. Persons should call MetroCall at 311.