Request a Fire Safety Home Inspection

Residents of the Urban Services District can request a fire safety home inspection.  The Louisville Fire Department is working toward the annual goal of making contact with every citizen of our city who occupies a single-family dwelling or duplex housing unit.

Firefighters go door to door in the neighborhoods.  At each residence Firefighters identify themselves as members of the Louisville Fire Department and explain that they are conducting a fire prevention survey of the neighborhood.

Services Offered:

  1. Assess the property for a working smoke alarm.

  2. Check existing smoke alarms.

  3. If no smoke alarm is present an assessment for the requirement of a smoke alarm will be made and if available, a single smoke alarm will be provided and installed free of charge to those in need. 

    If a smoke alarm is provided it will only be installed by the LFD members conducting the inspection and will not be left with property owners/occupants.

  4. Distribute Fire Safety Education Materials.

  5. Offer to accompany and assist the owner/occupant in conducting a fire hazard survey in the home.

To make a request for a home inspection, call MetroCall at 311 or 574-5000 or click here and choose ÔÇťOther Metro Issues: Other Concerns" in the top dropdown box.

Note: Procedure subject to change.