The Louisville Fire & Rescue’s Suppression Bureau is made up of women and men who risk their lives daily to keep the residents of our community protected. During a year the division will responded to around 10,000 calls for assistance related to fires and 18,000 medical runs.

There are currently four districts within the City, each having a District Chief that oversees operations within his/her district. Suppression bureau personnel staff 18 engine companies, six truck companies, three quint companies and one quad company. All of the suppression companies have FF/EMT’s or FF/Paramedics assigned to them. They respond to medical emergencies in support of the ambulance crews, often arriving prior to the ambulance. These members are well trained, highly skilled, and are provided with the latest medical equipment such as the automatic external defibrillator, which is used to resuscitate cardiac arrest victims.

The suppression bureau does not limit its services to emergency response. Each company in this bureau develops target hazard surveys and conduct water flows for critical buildings and facilities in their districts. Its members are deeply committed to working with the community in their respective neighborhoods. Community Involvement is a concept embraced by all suppression members. Mentoring children in the school system, working in food kitchens for the homeless, developing a relationship with critically ill patients in area hospitals and providing assistance on housing projects for the underprivileged are just a few of the projects to which members are committed.