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Mayor Greg Fischer Newsroom

Louisville Metro Police Department New Patrol Divisions

Friday May 21, 2004

1st Patrol Division – 416 North 29th Street (at Griffiths Avenue) – Former Sixth District

·Boundaries: North: Ohio River, South: Broadway, East: RR line to I-64 North to River Road to the east boundary of Eva Bandman Park, West: I-264.

·Neighborhoods: Portland, Russell, Downtown Business District

2nd Patrol Division – 3419 Bohne Avenue (at 34th Street) – Former 4th District

·Boundaries: North: Ohio River to the west and Broadway to the east, South: Rockford Lane and Lees Lane, East: 9th Street until 9th Street intersects 7th Street, West: Ohio River

·Neighborhoods: Shawnee, Chickasaw, Park DuValle

3rd Patrol Division – 7219 Dixie Highway (Southwest Government Center) – Former David District
·Boundaries: North: Rockford Lane and Lees Lane not including Riverside Gardens neighborhood, South: Jefferson County Line, East: RR line east of National Turnpike including all roadways that run off South Park Road, West: Ohio River

·Neighborhoods: PRP, Valley Stations, Fairdale, Iroquois Park 4th Patrol Division – 1340 South Fourth Street (at Central Park) –Former 5th District

·Boundaries: North: Broadway, South: Southland Drive, East: Barret Avenue, Eastern Parkway and I-65, West: San Jose, 7th and 9th Streets

·Neighborhoods: Old Louisville, Smoketown, Germantown, South Louisville

5th Patrol Division – 2301 Douglas Boulevard – Former First District ·Boundaries: North: Ohio River, South: I-264, East: I-264, West: Fulton, RR line, Eastern Parkway, Newburg Road

·Neighborhoods: Clifton, Crescent Hill, Cherokee Triangle, Tyler Park, Belknap 6th Patrol Division – Newburg Neighborhood Location To Be Determined

·Boundaries: North: Eastern Parkway to the west and I-264 to the east, South: Fern Valley Road, Poplar Level Road and Hurstbourne Parkway, East: I-64 and Jeffersontown, KY, West: West boundary of Louisville International Airport

·Neighborhoods: Newburg, Norfolk, Edgewood, Camp Taylor, McMahan 7th Patrol Division – 7201 Outer Loop (South Government Center) – Former Baker District
·Boundaries: North Fern Valley Road, Hurstbourne Parkway, Jeffersontown, KY and RR line, South: Jefferson County line, East: Jefferson County line, West: RR line
·Neighborhoods: Okolona, Fern Creek, Highview, Glenmary
8th Patrol Division – 200 Juneau Drive (East Government Center) Former Adam District

·Boundaries: North: Ohio River and Jefferson County line, South: I-64, Jeffersontown, KY and RR line, East: Jefferson County line, West: I-264 ·Neighborhoods: Middletown, Lyndon, Hurstbourne, Oxmoor

Additional Improvements

·The Community Relations Unit will move to 709 Fairdale Road, the former Charlie District, keeping a police facility in Fairdale. The Community Relations Unit, which focuses on all LMPD’s community outreach programs, has been located at 768 Barret Avenue.

·The Training Division & Police Academy will occupy more space at 2911 Taylor Boulevard, the former Third District, keeping a police facility in the heart of South Louisville. The Training Division and Police Academy has occupied only the 2nd floor of the building. It will now occupy the 1st floor as well.
·Support Operations (includes all specialized units i.e. Canine, Mounted Patrol, SWAT, Hostage Negotiating Team, Hazardous Devices Unit, etc.) and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID, which includes all specialized investigative units i.e. Homicide, Sex Crimes, Robbery, Crimes Against Children etc.), which have operated under one command will be divided into two commands with two separate Majors.

·A Major will be appointed to command the Administrative Division (which includes Communications, Computer Systems, Finance and Fleet Management).