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Mayor Greg Fischer Newsroom

Obama Invites Abramson, Top Mayors to Announcement on Creating Jobs, Fueling Economy

Friday January 9, 2009

Investment in Ready-to-Go Projects Would Put Kentuckians To Work

With Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson and eleven other top mayors in attendance, President-elect Barack Obama made a strong appeal for an economic stimulus plan to address the nation's economic crisis.

Abramson, a former president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and other leading mayors have urged the incoming President and Congress to create hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs by funding improvements in roads, bridges, schools, water lines and other infrastructure needs in America’s economic hubs – major cities and metropolitan areas.

“Now is the time for bold, swift and certain action to create jobs and put Americans back to work,” Abramson said. “I believe that President-elect Obama will provide the strong leadership we need at this critical time.”

Abramson, the other mayors as well as governors from a number of states attended a briefing in advance of President-elect Obama’s announcement Thursday at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.

Mayors across the country have stepped up with tens of thousands of specific suggestions for investments that create private-sector jobs and improve the basic infrastructure of cities and metropolitan regions.

Louisville’s list includes more than 18,000 jobs that could be created by investing up to $600 million in safer roads and bridges, more energy-efficient buildings and vehicles, cleaner drinking water, modern sewers and flood protection systems, and better classrooms where children can learn.

Abramson said he doesn’t expect all of those projects to receive funding, but he’s hopeful that President-elect Obama and congressional leaders will agree on a plan that creates thousands of jobs on scores of projects in Louisville. "My priority would be those projects that create the most jobs here in Louisville," Abramson said.

Examples of suggested Louisville job-creation projects:

Water and sewer improvements 2,700 jobs $218.3 million

Improvements to treatment facilities, pump stations, water and sewer lines.

Road and bridge improvements 2,700 jobs $43.8 million

Widening rural roads, replacing deteriorating bridges, paving streets and other road improvements.

School improvements 2,400 jobs $142.8 million

Building repairs and renovations, including replacing portable classrooms with permanent structures, at schools across Louisville.

Transit improvements 1,100 jobs $55.4 million

Repairing bus facilities, purchasing hybrid buses, adding new transit centers and other TARC improvements.

Energy-efficient public buildings 900 jobs $34 million

Roof replacements, new HVAC systems, solar lighting and other improvements that reduce energy consumption in government buildings.

Airport improvements 750 jobs $31.1 million

Runway and safety enhancements and Crittenden Drive relocation (part of airport expansion).

Library renovations 400 jobs $8.5 million

Improvements and/or expansions of library buildings including Main, Shawnee, Western and Portland branches.

Public housing improvements 400 jobs $11.8 million

Repairs and renovations at public housing facilities including Dosker Manor, Parkway Place, Vine Street and Bishops Lane.

A complete list of Louisville projects is available here.