About Us

Did you know that MetroCall has been the customer service center for the City of Louisville and now Metro Louisville for 25 years? MetroCall 311 started as CityCALL in 1989 in order to help reduce government red tape aMetroCall 311 - Call, Click, Connectnd improve accountability. It’s the place where you can request a service, offer a suggestion, ask a question, share an opinion, register a complaint and even pass on a compliment relating to city services and events.

You can contact MetroCall;

Note: submissions made electronically will be addresses during regular business hours.

When you contact MetroCall 311 for something other than basic information, we will document the details in a Service Requests, assign a tracking number to it, and forward it electronically to the agency responsible for addressing the concern. Once the concern has been addressed, information about what was done (or will be done in some cases) is added to the Service Request and it’s marked “resolved.”

Here are some tips on how to make your MetroCall 311 contact more efficient and effective:

  • When you contact MetroCall 311 with a problem or complaint relating to a property or specific location, it’s important that you give us the address or a good description of the where the problem is occurring. We will work with you to try to pinpoint the exact location but having that information before you contact us will save you time and possibly help to resolve the issue faster.
  • If your MetroCall 311 service representative asks what seems to be way too many questions, it’s because we must relay all the details to the responding agency who will use the information to do their jobs. If we simply report, for example, that there is a pothole at 2nd and Main Street, it may be put on the regular schedule for repair not knowing that it’s in the main flow of traffic, going westbound on Main right before you turn right onto the 2nd Street Bridge and the pothole is HUGE! So bear with us if we press you for details that may not seem necessary but could make an impact on its resolution.
  • Keep in mind that the person you are talking with at MetroCall is not the person who will be filling that pothole or inspecting that property. Our job is to take down the details and forward it electronically to the responsible agency so if you don’t see a resolution, it doesn’t mean we did not do our job. Sometimes work is being done but because you don’t see results, you may assume nothing has been done. That property you reported with peeling paint and falling gutters was inspected within days of contacting MetroCall and now the owner has been put on notice to make the repairs but they will take time. And if you are not sure if anything has been done with the concern you registered, contact us again with your tracking number and we can check on its progress.
  • When you register a concern, please be willing to give your name and other contact information in case more information is needed. Even though it’s not mandatory, it’s helpful if we need to get in touch with you for more information. Please note that complaints received by Metro government are a public record and your name and other contact information could be subject to release.
  • And remember, if you are calling for information – especially a phone number, have your pen and paper ready since we are not always able to transfer your call.

A Bit of History
During MetroCall 311’s first full year of service, our service representatives answered over 83,000 calls. In 2013 we answered close to 250,000 calls for a total of almost 5 million calls since 1989! So when we answer, “Thank you for calling MetroCall 311. How may I help you?” we really do want to help you and our community! MetroCall 311 – YOUR customer service center!