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Labor & Economic Development

This committee considers matters relating to economic development in the City, GLI, convention and Tourism. Considers the issuance of revenue bonds collateralized by private letters of credit or funded by tax increment financing. Considers capital projects, economic empowerment zones, Project Labor Agreements, prevailing wage issues and workforce development. This committee also considers neighborhood revitalization program plans proposed by neighborhoods for use of state mandated funds and related activities. Considers applications for state, federal and private grants related to economic development in the City. Considers condemnation of property; funding for demolition of boarded buildings in the City and related projects. Also processes approval of labor contracts as proposed by the administration.

To see the next agenda for the Labor And Economic Development Committee click here!

Committee Members:

(D) - David Tandy (4) (D) - Attica Scott (1)   (R) - Kenneth C. Fleming (7)  
(D) - Marianne Butler (15)   (R) - Stuart Benson (20)  

* Denotes the Committee Chair(s)