Legislation Archive

Find all the legislation that was pending or has been enacted by the Louisville Metro Council previous to November 2006. 

Please note that the ordinances and resolutions contained on this website are not official documents and therefore their accuracy and completeness is not guaranteed.

For an official copy please refer to the American Legal website which contains legislation which has been adopted into law.  You may also contact the Metro Council Clerk at 502.574.3902.

Legislation Status Definitions
When reviewing legislation on this site, please refer to the following definitions.

First Reading / New Business: The first time a piece of legislation has been submitted to the council. Typically after the first reading the legislation will be sent to committee.

In Committee: The legislation has been sent to committee for discussion and recommendation to the full council.

Consent Calendar: The legislation has left committee with unanimous support and is expected to pass the full council vote.

Addendum: Legislation has been added after the final agenda has been sent (President's approval required).

Old Business: Legislation that has come out of committee with amendments or without unanimous approval. Some zoning items must go under Old Business in all cases.

Passed - Pending Mayor's Signature: The legislation has passed on a vote by the full council and is sent to the Mayor's desk. The Mayor has until the next council meeting to sign the legislation into law or veto it. If the Mayor does no action, it will become law without his signature.

Passed - Vetoed by Mayor: The mayor has vetoed the legislation and it will return to the council for consideration of a veto override vote.

Enacted - Signed by the Mayor: The Mayor has signed the legislation into law.

Enacted - Without Mayor's Signature: The time period that the Mayor had to sign or veto the legislation has passed. The legislation becomes law without the Mayor's signature.

Enacted - Mayor's Veto Overridden: The Mayor vetoed the legislation but the council held a veto override vote and passed the legislation into law.

Failed - On Vote: The legislation came out of committee and failed the full Council vote.

Failed - Mayor's Veto Upheld: The Mayor vetoed the legislation and the Council held a veto override vote but the legislation failed to pass.

Failed - Vetoed and Died: The Mayor vetoed the legislation and the Council did not hold a veto override vote.

Failed - Died in Committee: The legislation failed to come out of committee.