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Attica Scott (1) Newsroom - 2012 Archive

Councilwoman Scott launches “Bringing Down the House” campaign in District 1
In an effort to improve the quality of life in District 1, Councilwoman Attica Scott launched the “Bringing Down the House” campaign on Thursday, December 20th at 2819 Virginia Avenue. The goal of the campaign: tear down an abandoned structure that has become an eyesore to the neighborhood.

Scott announces the 2nd Annual “Cleanup for Christmas” with abandoned properties in District 1
Councilwoman Attica Scott announces the 2nd Annual “Cleanup for Christmas” will begin on Friday, December 14th with a focus of cleaning up abandoned properties in the southwestern part of District 1.

Scott welcomes new business to District 1 with the opening of Picture Perfect in the Parkland Neighb
In many towns and communities, it is a business which over the years is considered a gathering spot to talk and learn about what’s going on in a neighborhood. On Saturday, December 1st, the Parkland Neighborhood will welcome such a new business to an area which is striving to change its recent history.

Councilwoman Scott to moderate “Women Speak: What’s Up In West Louisville”
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will moderate a special event this weekend that will bring together a diverse group of women to discuss their perspective on issues facing one area of the city. The Yearlings Club presents “Women Speak: What’s Up In West Louisville” on Sunday, November 4, 2012.

Councilwoman Scott and volunteers to spend a day building a playground for the Parkland Boys and Gir
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and 250 volunteers will make Tuesday, October 16th a very special day for the Parkland Boys and Girls Club. She and the volunteers will build a needed playground for the Club.

Scott joins the Lake Dreamland Fire Department to talk fire prevention at Crums Lane Elementary
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and the Lake Dreamland Fire Department will bring a very important safety message to students at Crums Lane Elementary on Friday, October 12th.

Councilwoman Scott and LMPD to take a public safety walk in the Chickasaw Neighborhood
Following last week’s deadly shooting and incidents of increased gang activity in the area, Councilwoman Attica Scott and Major Bill Kristofeck of the 2nd Division of Louisville Metro Police will be doing a District 1 Public Safety Walk on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Next “Ask Attica” is set for Tuesday, August 28th at Crums Lane Elementary School
Councilwoman Attica Scott is inviting residents of District 1 to learn more about three very important programs in the community when the next “Ask Attica” gets underway on Tuesday, August 28th.

District 1 Back to School event set for Saturday, August 18th
With a new school year soon to begin, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) announces a “Back to School” event set for this Saturday, August 18th at the Southwick Community Center. “We want to make sure every child starts off to school on the right foot,” says Scott. “We will have school supplies, health checks and important school information for children and parents.”

Councilwoman Scott invites community to see firsthand how LockUpLead works to make District 1 safer
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and other community groups are inviting residents to a very special open house on Wednesday, August 8th. This house is the first of many where the threat of lead poisoning has been minimized thanks to the “LockUpLead” program.

District 1 moving forward with needed “Quiet Zone” at railroad crossings
The effort to establish a “Quiet Zone” at Railroad Crossings in the Wilson Avenue and Woodland Avenue area has taken a major step forward with the announcement of $1.8 million in funding for needed improvements.

Councilwoman Scott works with local groups to make vacant properties safer
As a special Ad Hoc Committee reviews the problem of vacant properties in Metro Louisville, Councilwoman Attica Scott is concerned about the safety of some of those properties. She is partnering with the Network Center for Community Change (NC3) and LockUpLead to ensure problems with lead are taken care of before any harm is done.

Councilwoman Scott announces “Clean it Up!” program for alleys in District 1
Councilwoman Attica Scott is partnering with Metro Corrections and Solid Waste Management for “Clean it Up!” a new program designed to clear out trash in alleys throughout District 1.Beginning on Tuesday, July 3rd, work release crews from Metro Corrections will begin cleaning up the alley in the 1000 block of Kentucky Street and Greenwood Avenue at 9:00am. This alley is in the same area were violence broke out on May 17th.

Councilwoman Scott applauds companies who helped in the “Cut it Out!” program
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) is praising the efforts of several local lawn service companies who volunteered their time and work crews to address some of the worst abandoned properties in the “Cut it Out!” program for June.

Councilwoman Scott joins Elim Baptist Church to host “Save Our Streets” block Party
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and Elim Baptist Church will partner to for a very special event designed to bring the neighborhood of 32nd and Greenwood Streets together. The “Save Our Street” Block Party is set to for Sunday, June 10th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

Councilwoman Scott announces “Cut It Out” Campaign for District 1
Councilwoman Attica Scott is moving forward with her effort to cleanup vacant and abandoned properties by announcing the “Cut It Out” Campaign during the month of June. “I am pleased to welcome the help of several local lawn care companies who will join us in making progress on taking care of high grass and weeds on various properties around the district,” says Scott.

Councilwoman Scott and “Connected Voices” call for summer of service on Father’s Day
In an effort to remind the community of the need for unity and togetherness, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and Christopher 2X are holding a Reflection Ceremony in partnership with “Connected Voices” on Father’s Day.

Councilwoman Scott hosts next District 1 Community Conversation on Tuesday, May 29th
Councilwoman Attica Scott is issuing an invitation to residents of District 1 to come out for the next Community Conversation on Tuesday, May 29th, at the West End School located at 3621 Virginia Avenue.

Councilwoman Scott walks with LMPD officers in District 1 to promote crime prevention
Councilwoman Attica Scott will go door to door in neighborhoods of District 1 this week to remind residents of the importance of crime prevention and share steps to protect themselves from burglary. She will be joined by officers from the 2nd Division of Louisville Metro Police.

Scott and Legal Aid Society partner to help District 1 residents with foreclosure and expungement
Are you facing foreclosure? How do you handle a dispute with a landlord? Do you know how to clear a minor traffic violation or misdemeanor offense off your record? Residents of District 1 have a chance to find those answers at a free “Ask-A-Lawyer” clinic sponsored by Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and Louisville’s Legal Aid Society on Tuesday, March 20th.

Scott to address Brandeis Elementary students at City Hall
Historic City hall will become a classroom on Wednesday, March 14th when an estimated 100 students from Brandeis Elementary School will visit to learn more about the Metro Council and Metro Government.

Scott brings the message of “The Lorax" to students at five District 1 Elementary Schools
Councilwoman Attica Scott will spend some time in five District 1 elementary schools bringing an important message to students from a beloved children’s storyteller on Thursday, March1st.

Councilwoman Scott to attend ribbon cutting for new playground at Crums Lane elementary
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will join students, teachers, parents and other community leaders for a special event on Friday, February 24th. Crums Lane Elementary will officially cut the ribbon on a first ever playground for the school.

Scott and Blackwell and state lawmakers to attend meeting on coal ash in southwest Louisville
Metro Council members Attica Scott (D-1) and Rick Blackwell (D-12) along with the Air Pollution Control District and the Sierra Club are sponsoring an informational community meeting concerning the problem with coal ash in Southwest Jefferson County. The meeting will be held on Monday, February 20th at the Southwest Government Center, 7219 Dixie Highway from 7:00pm until 9:00pm

Scott encourages students at Maupin Elementary to get involved with fire safety and smoke detectors
In an effort to keep children and families safe, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) has stressed the importance of properly working smoke detectors in the home at all times. Her message went to a special audience: the students at Maupin Elementary School.

Councilwoman Scott to talk smoke detectors and fire safety with Maupin Elementary students
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will hold a special event with students at Maupin Elementary to heighten the importance of smoke detectors in the home and fire prevention on Tuesday, February 14th.

Councilwoman Scott invites District 1 to “Ask Attica” on Feb. 7th
Residents of District 1 are invited to the next “Ask Attica” Community Conversation set for Tuesday, February 7 to talk over issues and concerns with Councilwoman Attica Scott and other representatives of Metro Government.

Scott volunteers with “Meals on Wheels” to connect with senior citizens in District 1
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will join other volunteers on Thursday, January 12th to help the Shively Meals on Wheels program reach Senior Citizens in her district.

Councilwoman Scott invites Mayor Fischer to join her for a ‘District 1 Reality Ride”
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will take Mayor Greg Fischer on a very important ride this Saturday. Her “District 1 Reality Ride” is designed to show the Mayor areas of importance in the district needing attention.