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Attica Scott (1) Newsroom - 2013 Archive

Councilwoman Scott to join volunteers for the Feed the City Christmas Coat Giveaway
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will once again join volunteers for a special holiday event to help some 500 families stay warm in Metro Louisville this winter.On Monday, December 23rd, Feed the City will hold a special Christmas New Coat Giveaway between 11:00am and 2:00pm at 1100 South 26th Street.

Councilwoman Scott announces the 3rd Annual “Cleanup for Christmas” for abandoned properties in Dist
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) announces the 3rd Annual “Cleanup for Christmas” will begin on Friday, December 20th with a focus on cleaning up abandoned properties in the West Louisville area of District 1.

Councilwoman Scott to assist seasonal workers at the Riverport with TARC transportation during the h
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) is sponsoring an effort to give seasonal workers more access to transportation if they work at the Riverport area during this holiday period. “It is my honor to introduce legislation appropriating $8,320 to the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) to extend bus services to the Riverport for seasonal jobs at Café Press, Hannah Anderson and other companies in the area,” says Scott.

Councilwoman Scott calls on MSD to clean up its drainage ditch on Putman Avenue
On Tuesday morning November 12th, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) called upon the Metropolitan Sewer District to take care of one of its properties on Putman Avenue.

Councilwoman Scott and the 2nd Division of LMPD will take a public safety walk on Monday November 11
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and officers of the 2nd Division of Louisville Metro Police will go out on the streets for a public safety walk on Monday, November 11th in the area of a shooting on Broadleaf Drive.

Councilwoman Scott invites District 1 kids to attend the 10th Annual Kidwell Halloween Bash on Satur
For almost a decade, one local couple has turned Halloween into a fun and safe place for children in District 1. On Saturday, October 26th Alonzo and Georgette Kidwell, Owners of Kidwell Auto beautification, will host their 10th Annual Halloween Bash from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at 3535 Hale Avenue.

Parkland Neighborhood sees six more tree planted along 28th Street
First, there were three. Now, there are nine and more are on the way as the landscape continues to get greener in the Parkland Neighborhood. In this case, more new trees are lining streets in the neighborhoods as part of an overall effort to bring life back to the Parkland Corridor.

Councilwoman Scott announces next Pop Up Park is set for Monday, October 14th

Parkland Neighborhood sees the first of new trees planted along 28th Street
Something beautiful happened Thursday morning on 28th Street in the Parkland area. The first in a series of new trees was planted on the Reynolds Metals property.“I am excited to see trees being planted on 28th Street to address some of the environmental and urban heat island issues in west Louisville,” said Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1). “Hopefully, TARC riders will enjoy some relief from the heat as they wait on the bus on the corner of 28th and Hale.”

Councilwoman Scott to honor Coach Terrance Washington at this Thursday’s Metro Council Meeting
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will take time during this Thursday night’s Metro Council meeting to honor Coach Terrance Washington for his bravery and his actions to save a two year who fell into an abandoned cistern in Russell Lee Park. The incident occurred on September 12th.

Councilwoman Scott joins Habitat for Humanity to help bring a new family to District 1 and honor Shi
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will be on hand this Friday morning to help a single mother with three children make her dream of home ownership come true. The Habitat for Humanity house under construction is at 4514 Sunset Circle. It is a special effort to celebrate the 25th anniversary of an organization with the mission of helping those in need.

Councilwoman Scott announces Parkland Rising Outdoor Open Mic Night set for Sunday, September 1st
The first of its kind in District 1grassroots evening of performances and visuals will get under way this Labor Day weekend when the Parkland Rising Outdoor Open Mic Night brings local artists to the Parkland area.

Councilwoman Scott arranges special rededication ceremony for Lake Dreamland Neighborhood on Labor D
The Labor Day Picnic at Lake Dreamland Park will be an important event this year thanks to Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1). During the event, a special rededication ceremony will be held in memoriam for a beloved teenager who meant so much too so many people.

Scott invites District 1 Students to “You Do the Math” on Friday, August 30th at Parkland Community
The Parkland Community Garden continues its impact on the people of the Parkland neighborhood and this Friday a special event will show students how healthy living and eating well will bring educational success.

Next “Ask Attica” is set for Tuesday, August 27th at Highland Park Missionary Church
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) is inviting residents of District 1 to learn more about three very important programs in the community when the next “Ask Attica” gets underway on Tuesday, August 27th.

SOUL Students from University of Louisville to help clean up Greenwood Cemetery
This Saturday, August 24th, a special group of volunteers will spend the afternoon helping maintain the heritage and history for many local families when they help clean up the Greenwood Cemetery in District 1.

Councilwoman Scott and Senator Rand Paul talk solutions to the problem of vacant property
In an effort to find more local, state and national solutions to the challenge of abandoned and vacant properties, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) recently had the opportunity to discuss the issue with Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky).

Councilwoman Scott is seeking volunteers to help get JCPS bus stops ready for Back to School
Students in the Jefferson County Public School system will be heading back to class next week and Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) wants to make sure the areas where school buses pick up and drop off children are also ready for the new school year.

Councilwoman Scott announces final Community Input Meeting for the Parkland Corridor Improvement Stu
It has been a busy summer for the Parkland area. A new Community Garden is up and growing. The Family Scholar House has opened its doors. And Metro Government needs input on how the Parkland area can move forward in the future economically. Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) is encouraging residents of the area to attend the final community input meeting for the Parkland Corridor Improvement Study on Tuesday, August 13th.

Councilwoman Scott announces Parkland Community Garden Build Day 2
Three months after the successful kick off of the Parkland Community Garden, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) invites everyone in the Parkland Neighborhood to come out on Saturday, July 27th and see the progress of the Garden and help with its expansion.

Councilwoman Scott heralds “Parkland Rising” as an example of neighborhood rebirth in Metro Louisvil
When you travel the 3200 block of 32nd Street you will see something unique designed to show a new spirit in a neighborhood working for a more positive future. On Tuesday, Parkland Rising was officially dedicated. It uses an artist’s eye and talent along with a community’s desire and resolve to turn what was once a symbol of abandonment into a work of art.

Councilwoman Scott announces next “Ask Attica” is set for Tuesday, May 28th
Councilwoman Attica Scott invites everyone in District 1 who may have a question or concern about an issue to come out and “Ask Attica” on Tuesday, May 28th beginning at 6:00pm.

Councilwoman Scott is once again “Bringing Down the House” in District 1
The wrecking ball will swing once again as Councilwoman Attica Scott will be “Bringing Down the House” in District 1. This time crews will be tearing down an abandoned house at 3020 Hale Avenue beginning at 8:30am on Thursday, May 23rd. “Bringing Down the House” is part of Metro Louisville’s effort to demolish property that is inhabitable and that cannot be refurbished or renovated.

Councilwoman Scott invites community to WomenSpeak on Sunday, May 19th
May 1968 was a time that signaled political uprising in Louisville. Like the rest of the country, the city grappled with social change and looked to the future to address its needs. A younger generation crafted new ideas resulting in new ways of thinking. But where are we forty five years later? At the next WomenSpeak event on Sunday, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will moderate a panel of distinguished women who give their views on what issues face the city today.

“Walkability WALKshop” set for Cane Run Road area this Saturday, May 18th
Louisville – It is a chance to get a firsthand look at just how difficult or easy it is to walk around the Cane Run Road area. What is needed to make the area easy and accessible to the people who live and work there? This Saturday, a “Walkability WALK shop” will get underway to make those assessments.

Councilwoman Scott hosts Mayor Fischer and GLI for a District 1 “Reality Ride”
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will host Mayor Greg Fischer and the new CEO of Greater Louisville Inc., Craig Richard, on the next District 1 “Reality Ride” set for Saturday, May 11th. The Reality Ride will focus attention on the Southwest part of District 1

Councilwoman Scott announces “Moment of Silence” to mark anniversary of May 17th
Residents in District 1 and the surrounding area have been invited to mark the one year anniversary of a very violent day in Metro Louisville with a “Moment of Silence” on Friday, May 17th at 12:00pm on the street where gun shots rang out one year ago in broad day light.

Councilwoman Scott announces Community Meeting for the Parkland Corridor Improvement Study
People who live, work or worship in the historic Parkland neighborhood are invited to a community meeting on April 30th to give their thoughts on what is needed to restore the area to its traditional civic and commercial hub

Councilwoman Scott and volunteers to break ground for Community Garden as part of “Give - A – Day” o
This weekend, a small corner of District 1 will be transformed from a vacant lot to a healthy reminder of a caring community. On Saturday, April 13th volunteers will break ground for the new Parkland Community Garden with support from Councilwoman Attica Scott.

Councilwoman Scott and LMPD 2nd Division Officers will hold Public Safety Walk on Cypress Street
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will join officers of the Louisville Metro Police 2nd Division for a Public Safety Walk in the Cypress Street area on Monday, March 11th beginning at 5:00pm.

Next “Ask Attica” is set for Wednesday, February 27th at the Pleasant Valley Lions Club
Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) is inviting residents of District 1 to come out for the next “Ask Attica” Community Conversation on Wednesday, February 27th. “This will be our first quarterly 'Ask Attica' of the year and it will be a chance for me to update everyone, especially folks in Southwest Louisville, on where we are with various programs in the district,” says Scott.

Councilwoman Scott hosts Community Forum with LMPD Chief Steve Conrad
In an effort to keep District 1 informed on how Louisville Metro Police are working to fight crime and keep the public safe, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) will host a Community Forum on Tuesday along with LMPD Chief Steve Conrad on February 19th.

Scott and James join volunteers for “Shop and Share Day” to help Center for Women or Families
This Saturday, volunteers all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky will take time to help 15 domestic violence shelters by collecting goods and funds to help those the shelters serve. In Metro Louisville, Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) and Councilman David James (D-6) will join volunteers at the Kroger at 28th Broadway to help the Center for Women and Families as they participate in “Shop and Share Day.”

Scott to appropriate $25,000 to supplement demolition costs of vacant homes in District 1
In keeping with her promise to clean up abandoned and vacant properties in District 1, Councilwoman Attica Scott will commit $25,000 in Capital Infrastructure Funds to supplement Metro Government’s demolition program for abandoned homes which have become blighted in neighborhoods.