Tina Ward-Pugh

Committee Memberships:
Ad Hoc Committee for Animal Services   Committee of the Whole  
Committee on Sustainability   Government Accountability & Ethics  
Public Works, Bridges, and Transportation  

Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh was named Chair of the newly created Sustainablity Committee. 

This committee is responsible for review of trends; local, state and national for Louisville that match the nationwide and global concerns for the future when it comes to natural resources. It will support programs that are environmentally sustainable and economically responsible from air quality to recycling and waste disposal. It will look into responsible ways to make Metro Louisville “Greener” while making the public aware of the challenges and opportunities we face through legislation and education. The committee also considers issues dealing with environmental/brownfields matters and air pollution.

This committee will also process legislation pertaining to Libraries, Metro Parks and Recreation, Arts programs and museums. Proposes or analyzes proposals for improvements and funding of improvements to all educational, recreational and cultural assets controlled by metro Government. Advocates for the City with Olmsted Conservancy, Metro Parks Foundation, Library Foundation, the Partnership for Creative Economics, the Fund for the Arts and 21st Century Parks Trust.