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Democratic Caucus members issue statements on Mayor Fischer’s proposed 2013- 2014 Budget

Monday May 20, 2013

For Immediate release:
Democratic Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
Contact: Tony Hyatt: 574-4137 / 526-3622

Louisville – Following Mayor Greg Fischer’s Budget address on his proposed 2013 – 2014 Budget, Several members of the Democratic Caucus of the Louisville Metro Council have issued the following statements:

‘At the beginning of the year as President, I said the Metro Council has three key priorities: reopening Kentucky Kingdom, paving of our city’s streets and eliminating abandoned property. Kentucky Kingdom is in the process of reopening with the help of Metro Government. The Mayor has heard the Metro Council’s call for a top priority to be paving. The Council continues to search for ways to solve the problem of abandoned and vacant property. We welcome the Mayor’s partnership in this effort.”

President Jim King, District 10

“I applaud the Mayor’s plan for rebuilding our infrastructure. The proposed plan for connecting bicycle paths through Old Louisville from downtown to the University will go along to help our environment while providing alternative travel that will cut down on wear and tear of our roads.

David James, District 6 Majority Leader of Democratic Caucus

"I am so pleased to see paving funds since our major roads like Mud Lane, as well as subdivision roads, are in very poor shape now. Also the Louisville Loop connector to the forest by matching funds is a great component to this budget. And finally improving the Northern Overlook at Iroquois Park is very meaningful to many of our constituents."

Vicki Aubrey Welch, District 13 Vice Chair of Democratic Caucus

“We have worked well the Administration on this budget. It is refreshing to have new revenue. This budget addresses the needs of Metro Louisville in all areas from public safety to economic development. This year we are moving forward with restoring some of the areas that have suffered in tighter budget times.”

Marianne Butler, District 15 Budget Committee Chair

“I want to learn more on the Mayor’s efforts with abandoned properties. We need to make sure more money is available for mowing those properties already boarded up in our neighborhoods. Most folks don’t mind the house being boarded up if the grass and property are maintained.”

Barbara Shanklin, District 2

“The Mayor’s goal to plant 10,000 trees to refurbish the tree canopy will go a long way in enhancing our neighborhoods and make our streetscape attractive for economic growth and development. I think the hiring of an Urban Forester will ensure that all areas of the inner city replace trees where needed to help with green spaces. I am also glad to see attention focused on fixing the Riverwalk along the Shawnee Gold Course”

Cheri Bryant Hamilton, District 5

“In every neighborhood, residents of all ages use bicycles for fun, exercise and going to the store or work. This budget makes that growing activity safer.”

Tom Owen, District 8

“I think Mayor Fischer’s proposed budget strikes a good balance between two critical needs. First, $6.4 million to repair and replace crumbling infrastructure while at the same time looking ahead to expansion of the 95 gallon recycling cart service that will extend the life of our landfill, reduces our costs to haul to the landfill and in turn becomes a revenue stream because we get paid for recycling. I look forward to our discussion in June to learn more about this and other areas of sustainability.

Tina Ward-Pugh, District 9

“I am pleased to see paving our infrastructure as atop priority in this budget. Many of our constituents have told u soft hi seed for so long. I am also pleased with the decision to repair and refurbish the Northern Overlook at Iroquois Park. The park is key to all our economic development efforts in South and Southwest Louisville.

Rick Blackwell, District 12

“Paving has been my number one concern for several years now. Many of us on the Metro Council know from talking to the people we represent that there are streets and roads in all our districts that need work. I applaud the Mayor for making it a priority this year.”

Dan Johnson, District 21

“The Mayor appears to have turned some things around economically and this budget is a good reflection of that. I am very pleased that we are paying attention to rebuilding our infrastructure.”

Madonna Flood, District 24

“I am glad to see a renewed focus on infrastructure. For too long many of the roads and sidewalks in our districts have been put on hold because of tight budgets. It’s time to get them fixed.”

David Yates, District 25

The Democratic Caucus