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Councilman King goes after a new kind of litter

Tuesday May 15, 2007

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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If you drive through neighborhoods in Metro Louisville, you may have noticed what is becoming an unusual litter problem for homeowners.

“We have been hearing complaints about unsolicited advertising supplements that are just casually thrown onto a yard or in the middle of a driveway,” says Majority Leader Jim King (D) 10. “It’s time to do something about it.”

King, along with Council Members Bob Henderson (D) 14, Marianne Butler (D) 15, Vicki Welch (D) 13 and Rick Blackwell (D) 12, is sponsoring an ordinance that would make changes in how advertising supplements are delivered to a home. This ordinance would not impact newspaper delivery since homeowners subscribe to that service.

The ordinance requires that the supplements be wrapped in a bag, a rubber band or equivalent. Unless there is a special mailbox for a newspaper, the wrapped supplement must be placed no less than six feet away from the front door of a home.

“It has become a problem for us out in the southwest,” says Henderson. “Some of these delivery people are just throwing the supplement anywhere. It ends up in drainage ditches and can eventually blow all over a person’s property.”

The ordinance exempts the United States Postal Service. The fines for violation are a minimum of $100 or a maximum of $200 for each violation.

“This could be a good example of the term neatness counts.” says King. “But it should not be the responsibility of a homeowner to deal with an unwanted solicitation that is just casually thrown on their property.”
The measure will soon be introduced to the full Metro Council.

Jim King (D) 10
Rick Blackwell (D)12
Vicki Welch (D) 13
Bob Henderson (D) 14
Marianne Butler (D) 15