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Historic Corbly Path Restoration

Corbly PathThe existing trail leading to the northern overlook has been impassable for some time because the path is badly eroded. This trail does not meet contemporary trail design standards, which call for trails to follow natural land contours.  This allows better drainage and prevents erosion.  The Corbly Path, laid out in the original design of Iroquois Park as the path to the northern overlook, will be restored.

  • Volunteers from Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital, the Mayor's Adopt-A-Park partner for Iroquois Park, will help reopen the Corbly Path from the original plans for Iroquois Park.
  • To climb the hillside, hikers will follow the Corbly Path - slightly east of the former trail entrance - to the midpoint of the existing trail, which will take them to the Northern Overlook (the upper half of the existing trail is in better shape than the lower half, which will be permanently closed). Eventually, the remaining portion of the existing trail will be closed, once the remainder of the Corbly Path is restored.
  • Volunteers and staff will also be installing signs to ensure pedestrian safety along Uppill Road. Park visitors can become stewards of this trail by ensuring that the parking lot and path are free of litter, or by volunteering to help maintain the trail.

The bulk of the work will be accomplished in a volunteer effort coordinated by Metro Parks and the Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

Metro Parks and Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy, with the help of volunteers, began the restoration process in September 2006.  The project will be completed as the volunteer schedule allows.

Currently the bottom half of the existing "switchback" trail is closed.  Visitors can once again reach the Northern Overlook via a woodland footpath, entering just east of the old trail entrance.