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Overlook Improvements

Historically, the overlooks in Iroquois Park have been popular destinations for citizens and visitors.  In recent years, efforts to improve the health of trees near the overlooks have had a negative impact on the quality of the views from the scenic outlooks. Traditionally, trees were "topped" to maintain the views.  Unfortunately, topping creates more opportunity for diseases, insect damage, structural instability and loss of vegetative species.

A new management plan for the park's overlooks includes planting native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants to restore the species diversity that has been lost, especially in the understory, where the ultimate height of the new plants will not obscure the intended vistas.  The process also includes careful pruning of existing vegetation to allow views through the trunks and canopy from the four overlooks – Southern, Northern, Krupp’s Point, and Panther Point.  This will dramatically improve the the visual quality of the overlooks without harming the trees.  Currently, forestry staff are focusing on the Northern Overlook.

  • Stable forested environments throughout the slopes of Iroquois Park will be recreated while respecting the design intent of the original Olmsted plan for the park
  • Scenic vistas will be restored, enhancing and expanding destinations for enjoyment.

Northern Overlook

In-house staff are performing the ongoing physical work.

Forestry staff dramatically improved the Northern Overlook during Summer 2006.  Additional work will take place at each overlook every year.

This project should have very little impact on park users, and will once again make Iroquois Park's scenic overlooks a popular destination.