Pre-K through Primary


Absolutely Animals!
Learn about the different adaptations that animals have and how they use their senses to survive. Meet the animals that live in the Environmental Education Center up close. This program provides lots of hands-on activities.

Small, Small Pond
Explore a pond ecosystem and all of the critters that call it home. Collect specimens and study them under a magnifying glass. This can be linked with a mini book study on Denise Fleming’s The Small Small Pond. The life cycle of amphibians and dragonflies is highlighted.

Woods Walk

This easy hike acquaints children with the forest ecosystem. Explore animal homes and hiding places, and discover the variety of plants that grow in a forest and what they need to survive. This program is combined with a Scavenger Hunt in which children and teachers/chaperones look for different colors, shapes and textures in the forest.

Going Buggy!
Why are bugs important? Learn the answer as our Forest naturalists help participants collect and identify everyday bugs. Discover what characteristics make an insect, and how they help other animals and people survive on our planet Earth.

Earth Keepers
Explore the lives of the Native Americans who traveled across Kentucky. Experience some of the tasks and activities that Native American children engaged in during their daily lives.

Each program is approximately two hours in length. Our staff will work with you to meet the needs of your group. Call 502/368-5404 for pricing.