Team Building and Community Development

These programs are designed to increase the self-esteem, problem-solving and communication skills of the participants. Using the medium of safe but challenging activities, students examine their leadership/group styles while participating in group problem-solving processes, trust building activities and healthy risk taking. All of these programs address Kentucky Learner Goals 2.32, 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 4.1-4, 4.6 and 5.1-5 (Grades 6 through 12).

Team Building
Through fun, non-competitive activities that emphasize cooperation over competition, care, and trust, students begin to learn good communication skills, and the importance of being a responsible group member.

Alpine Tower Adventure
Climb aboard our 52-foot climbing structure, the Alpine Tower! Students gain greater self-esteem and learn how to support others while trying their best and working towards their goal.
Grades 7 through Adult

Team Building/Teams Course
In this program, participants are challenged to examine themselves, the group they are a part of, and how they relate. This is done through initiative games, and teams course events that stress cooperation over competition. Watch the individuals of your group learn more about themselves and what it takes to become a responsible group member.

The Alpine Experience
This program provides advanced opportunities for groups and individuals, with an emphasis on teamwork, trust, cooperation, and communication. For the individual, the experience enhances self-esteem, perseverance, trust and healthy risk-taking. This program dramatically highlights the importance of cooperation, adventure, compassion and respect for yourself and for other members of the group. Scale our 52-foot climbing structure while learning the importance of goal-setting, and experience the thrill of accomplishment. If time and ability allow, participants will learn belay skills that significantly increase the trust level of the group.

All of our programs will meet Kentucky Core Content Guidelines. Our educational staff will help you plan a program to meet the needs of your group. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Program Development office at 366-5432. 


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