Volunteer Opportunities

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The benefits of being a Natural Areas volunteer are many !
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! We strive to offer unique and engaging opportunities to individuals and groups interested in being involved with our natural areas and community woodlands.

Explore our many ongoing volunteer opportunities
Interested in Environmental Education, Outdoor Recreation and/or Environmental Stewardship? Become a Natural Areas volunteer – it’s easy! Complete a Metro Parks Volunteer Application (click here). When approved, you will attend an orientation to learn about the Natural Areas division and Jefferson Memorial Forest and how to get you started on your volunteer journey as a general volunteer. General volunteers may participate on project work days, assist the staff in the Welcome Center, and assist with various tasks at public events or staff festival booths.

Enhance your experience
Tailor your volunteer experience to your unique personal tastes and skills by pursuing a specialty in one or more areas of your choosing. Our unique cafeteria-style volunteer trainings offer continual opportunities to enhance your knowledge, explore new options and develop your inner leader. Teaching specialties are designed for volunteers interested in leading the public and school groups in discovery of a specific topic. All teaching specialties require an additional class in Group Management. Service specialties are designed for volunteers to offer their talents and skills for the benefit of natural areas. Several specialties are available in each of three main focus areas of the Natural Areas Division and Jefferson Memorial Forest.




Service projects are a great way for your employees, club or group to get some exercise while giving back to the community and bringing your team together in the great outdoors. Get the satisfaction of a job well done by offering your group’s enthusiasm on a service project. Projects are available for groups of all sizes, and generally last three to four hours. Tools, gloves and other supplies are provided; just bring your desire to help!

There is a long tradition of scout involvement with Jefferson Memorial Forest. For 25 years, until 1989, the Boy Scouts of America managed the Horine Reservation as a Boy Scout Camp before it was incorporated into the Jefferson Memorial Forest. Today, boy and girl scouts help the Forest and also other JMF-managed natural areas through troop projects such as mulching, gardening and litter patrols, as well as Life Scouts in pursuit of specialized Eagle Scout projects. Please contact us today to discuss your troop or Eagle project!

Questions? We’re always happy to talk to you! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Sherry.Wright@louisvilleky.gov or 502.380.1753.