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Park Improvement Projects

Park Improvement Projects 

Click on the links below to learn more about master plans and public input opportunities for individual projects within the City of Parks initiative.

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McNeely Lake Park Access Road & Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements Project
McNeely Lake Park
roadway project looks at the creation of a connector road that would connect Mt. Washington Road to the south and Cedar Creek Road to the east.

Northern Overlook Restoration Project at Iroquois Park
The project seeks to enhance the northern overlook at Iroquois Park by improving its sustainability, make it less prone to erosion, and create a vibrant and welcoming public space.

Toonerville Trolley Site Development
The Site Development Plan for Toonerville Trolley Park.

Louisville Loop
This shared-use, 100-mile trail will encircle the city of Louisville.

Louisville Loop – Middletown-Eastwood Trail (MET)
The vision for the Middletown-Eastwood Trail (MET) is to link the two communities of middletown and Eastwood with a shared-use path.

Northwest Parkway Livability Study
This study makes recommendations for a detour on the Louisville Loop from 31st to Market Street on Northwestern Parkway as well as identifying barriers to making healthier choices in these neighborhoods.

Pond Creek Corridor of Louisville Loop
Pond creek corridor project will include a system of shared-use paths and an ecological restoration plan.

Fairdale to Floyds Fork Corridor, from Fairdale to the Floyds Fork crossing at old Bardstown Road.

Emerson Park Grading and Walkway Project
Construction began on the Emerson Park Grading and Walkway project the week of April 4, 2011, and expected to continue for 6-8 weeks. 

Master Plans

A master plan is a comprehensive evaluation that looks at the opportunities and constraints of a park and makes recommendations for investment. Park users and neighbors are invited to participate.  The master plan outlines what uses should be encouraged in the park, what facilities should be developed, how those facilities should be designed, and what they will cost.

A.B. Sawyer Greenway Project
For a presentation on the Louisville Loop Forest Greenways Master Planning Project, click here.

AB Sawyer Master Plan
A.B. Sawyer Park has close to 50 acres of recreational fields that include baseball, softball, multi-purpose and tennis.

Algonquin Park Master Plan
Algonquin Park is one of our Olmsted Parks and can be found at the corner of Cypress Street and Burwell Avenue. The park is roughly 16 acres and was acquired in 1928. For a rendering of the Algonquin Master Plan, click here.

Breslin Park Master Plan
Breslin Park is located at the corner of lexington and payne street. The park is roughly 10 acres and was acquired in 1974.

Buechel Park Master Plan
Buechel Park is located within the neighborhood of primarily Buechel Terrace, the purpose of this master plan is to help guide the future use, improvement and development of the park and the surrounding community.

Champions Park Master Plan
Louisville Champions Park is a new park that anchors the River Road Recreation Corridor; it offers flexible space for a variety of field sports.

Charlie Vettiner Park Master Plan
Charlie Vettiner Park is a 283-acre park located on Mary Dell Lane off Billtown Road in southern Jefferson County, and includes a 18-hole golf course, hiking trails, a fishing lake, dog run, disc golf and more!

Chickasaw Park Master Plan
Chickasaw Park is right off of Southwestern Parkway and features the only free clay tennis courts in the region. Chickasaw park is a 61 acre Olmsted Park that was acquired in 1921.

Elliot Square Park Master Plan
Elliot Square Park has close to 4-acres of recreational space that includes a basketball court, picnic shelter, sprayground and playground. Elliot Square Park was acquired in 1906.

LaPorte Park Planting Plan
LaPorte Park is a 2-acre park that was acquired in 1967 and is located between 25th and Bank streets.

Louisville Loop
Louisville Loop Middletown Eastwood trail study (M.E.T.)

Mahoney Property Master Plan
In December 2007, Louisville Metro Government purchased a 95-acre farm from the estate of Mae Mahoney, whose family called the property Twin Meadows.

McNeely Lake Park Project
McNeely Lake Park is intended to be a key bicycle and pedestrian connection along the Louisville Loop.

McNeely Lake Park Access Road & Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements Project
McNeely Lake Park roadway project looks at the creation of a connector road that would connect Mt. Washington Road to the south and Cedar Creek Road to the east

Parks and Open Space Master Plan
This master plan provides the framework for development of Metro Louisville's parks, recreation facilities and open spaces.

Petersburg Park Master Plan
Petersburg Park is a 28-acre park located in the Newburg neighborhood and is the home of the Newburg Community Center, ball fields, a walking path, tennis courts and and a picnic shelter and pavilion.

Portland Wharf Park Master Plan
Portland Wharf Park is a 56-acre park acquired in 2001. To see the Portland Wharf Interpretive Master Plan (2008), click here.

The Park Lands of Floyds Fork
Floyds Fork is the largest and least-polluted watershed in Louisville. This formerly rural 122-square-mile watershed is undergoing rapid residential and commercial development.

Hogan Fountain Master Plan
Metro Parks is developing a new master plan for the Hogan Fountain area of Cherokee Park, a 409-acre Olmsted Park created in 1891.

Olmsted Parks Master Plan
This Master Plan addresses the original parts of the Olmsted park system-Shawnee, Iroquois and Cherokee parks and parkways.

Olmsted Parkways Shared-Use Path
The Olmsted Parkways Multi-Use Path System project will create improved pedestrian and bicycle opportunities along approximately 10 miles of the parkways that link the major Olmsted parks in Louisville as well as the numerous neighborhoods that are traversed.

Shelby Park Master Plan
Metro Parks has developed a master plan for Shelby Park, a 16-acre Olmsted Park created in 1907.

Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan
A sign and wayfinding master plan is underway to improve access, safety, function, education, and the overall experience for the 23-miles of existing sections of the downtown and southwestern Loop.

Southwest Greenways Project
The Southwest Greenways will be a system of shared-use paths, bike lanes, sidewalks, and soft-surface trails.

Tyler Park Master Plan
Metro Parks is developing a new master plan for Tyler Park, a 13-acre Olmsted Park created in 1906.

Wyandotte Park Master Plan
Metro Parks, Mayor Jerry Abramson, Metro Councilwoman Marianne Butler and Environment Design Collaborative worked together to develop a master plan for Wyandotte Park, at Taylor Boulevard and Beecher Street in South Louisville.

Jefferson Memorial Forest Master Plan
A master plan completed for Jefferson Memorial Forest last fall calls for an enhanced focus on horseback riding in the Paul Yost area.