Special Event Permits

Metro Parks has 124 possible locations for your next outdoor event!  Simply contact our staff at least two weeks before your event to obtain a permit.  Please note that if you just want to reserve a picnic shelter, you should visit our Picnic Shelters & Lodges page instead.

Rules and Regulations

No refunds or cancellations within 2 weeks of rental. For cancellations within this period, a credit will be issued for later use.

Payment must be made at the time of booking, except for organizations that require an invoice or purchase order for payment. Any rental made within 7 days of the rental date will need to be approved by the manager of that area before accepting payment or confirming rental.

Rental or permit may not be available within 7 days of the event. Extra fees may apply if available within the 7 day period based on additional incurred cost or manager approval.

Qualification for non-profit rates is dependant upon registration with the Kentucky Secretary of State as a non-profit.

If you're interested in bringing your next event to a local park, contact our Special Events Office, open in the Iroquois Amphitheater on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

    Submit your request online!  Click here and fill out an easy form.
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    Phone: 502/368-5865
    Mail: Special Events Office, Metro Parks, 1080 Amphitheater Rd., 

Special Event Permit:
Picnic Tables $15: 10 tables minimum; priced individually for 10 or more
Trash Cans     $15: 10 tables minimum; priced individually for 10 or more
Patch Box $125
City Stage $1,000
Riser $50 Sizes vary; subject to availability
Tent $50 Tent size; ten by ten feet
40 Seat Bleacher $350; wooden bleacher
40 Seat Bleacher $450; Aluminum bleacher
180 Seat Bleacher $550
Commercial Photography Permit $150
Electrician $50; hourly rate, 4 hour minimum
Parks Staff $25; hourly rate, 4 hours minimum
Damage Deposit
(Chickasaw Lodge)
Lodge $250
Private Function $150; 1 day only
Daily Vending Permit $25; mobile, stationary, food truck
Monthly Vending Permit $100
Annual Vending Permit $250
Up to 500 attendees $250; rate per day
Damage Deposit Up to 500 attendees $250
Additoinal rate per 100 attendees over 500 $15
Damage Deposit 500 attendees or more $500
Master Vendor Permit $250
Load In/Load Out Fee $100; rate per day
Fitness Class $25; rate per day
Fitness Class $100; rate per week
Use of existing Electrical Unit $25
Folding Tables $10
Folding Chairs $2.50
Inflatable Permit $25; User must provide inflatable
Tent Permit $25; User must provide tent
Additional Run/Walk Fee Sliding scale, determined by park impact
Festival Fee Sliding scale, determined by park impact