Caring for Our Parks

Louisville takes pride in its beautiful and monumental network of parks.  Not only does the land enrich our lives, it also plays an important role in the healthy balance of our environment.  Metro Parks and Louisville Metro Government work very hard to maintain and improve these grounds for present and future generations.  However, we are ALL stewards of the land we share. Please take the time to read and learn about how you can protect our environment and our parks.


  1. Park only in designated parking spaces provided. Parking and driving in the grass contributes to compaction and erosion of soil, which leads to ditches and damage to park roads, as well as clogged drains and sedimentation in our waterways. Sedimentation is the number one pollutant in Kentucky's waterways.

  2. Adhere to animal control laws within the city. This ensures the safety of all park users, but also keeps pets from chasing wildlife, who experience enough urban pressure, and reduces the chance that pets will contribute to stream bank erosion by climbing into and out of our lakes and streams. Please keep your pet on a leash and clean up after it. 

  3. Dispose all trash and pet waste in a trash bin, especially along slopes and low lying areas of the parks. This will help to reduce the harmful bacteria and excessive nutrient loads to our waterways.

  4. Refrain from landscaping with exotic invasive plants. Consider using the diversity of native flora available through many nurseries. Native flora is better adapted to our soil and climate, and provides a diverse and nutritious diet for wildlife.  This is very important, especially for neighbors of parks, as invasive plants can quickly overtake an area and damage the health and beauty of our environment.

  5. If you are a neighbor to a park, consider disconnecting your downspout and using a rain barrel or creating a rain garden. Help ensure that neighborhood street drains are free of debris. This will help to reduce erosion and flooding, which can impact low-lying areas in the parks. 

  6. Volunteer! Volunteering in Louisville's Metro Parks is a great way to give back to your community.

  7. Report incidents of park abuse. If you observe park abuse, discover graffiti, or have maintenance concerns please contact MetroCall at 311 or 502/574-5000, or email Metro Parks. If you witness a crime in progress call The Louisville Metro Police Department at 911 or 574-LMPD.

    8. Do not, under any circumstances, nail signs into trees. Driving 
        nails into trees can cause minor injury or even death to fully grown
        trees. Injuries to a tree can make it more susceptible to stress or 
        even invasion by wood-boring insects, such as bark beetles.


  • Jefferson Memorial Forest offers a wide range of Nature Programs.  [Click here for Jefferson Memorial Forest]
  • Download the  Metro Parks Rules and Safety Tips for additional ways you can protect your parks.
  • As part of the Partnership for a Green City, the city has instituted the Climate Change Committee. This undertaking is community-wide and the city would welcome participation by interested members of the community. If you are interested in serving on a committee or subcommittee, please click [here].