Clark Memorial Bridge Closure Details

Due to the upcoming Clark Memorial Bridge (2nd Street Bridge) closure, the LMPD will staff several locations during the morning and afternoon rush hours to facilitate traffic in and out of downtown. The LMPD will provide assistance Monday through Friday in 2 shifts (7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.). As motorists get accustomed to the changes, we will evaluate the need for more or less personnel to ensure safe and efficient movement of traffic within downtown Louisville. Please pre-plan your routes in and out of downtown accordingly. Other than the closure of the Clark Memorial Bridge (2nd Street Bridge), the LMPD will not be making any additional closures. We will only facilitate the movement of traffic as necessary.

Listed below are two maps that show the traffic points that the LMPD will begin staffing on Tuesday July 8, 2014. The LMPD will continue to evaluate these traffic points, making adjustments as necessary.

        Morning map

        Afternoon map

Please see the press release below from Mindy Peterson with Walsh Construction:


Bridge will be closed about six  (6) weeks

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 1, 2014) – The George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge (Second Street Bridge) is scheduled to close one week from today on Tuesday, July 8. The bridge is expected to close first thing Tuesday, with the closure expected to begin around midnight. This will be a total closure, with the bridge closed to vehicular, bike and foot traffic.

The Clark Memorial Bridge is scheduled to be closed for just over six (6) weeks. The scheduled closure means the bridge will be open for two (2) busy summer travel holidays – Fourth of July and Labor Day. A date for its reopening will be provided as work progresses.

Road Closures

There will be no access to US 31 North and US 31 South north of Court Avenue. One lane of US 31 South will be used for local access only, with drivers able to exit onto South Clark Boulevard. Two lanes of Court Avenue, one in each direction, will be open during the six-week closure.

Why the Closure is Necessary

Intensive work will be happening on the Indiana approach to the Clark Memorial Bridge with new US 31 entrance and exit ramps to and from Court Avenue to be constructed during the closure. Demolition of the existing approach in Indiana is expected to begin within hours of the closure. When the bridge reopens in late August, the new ramps will be in use.

Traffic Volume

Nearly 225,000 vehicles travel across the Ohio River between Louisville and southern Indiana on a daily basis, using the Kennedy, Sherman Minton and Clark Memorial bridges. Just over 25,000 of those vehicles (around 11%) are using the Clark Memorial Bridge on a daily basis. Nearly 75,000 vehicles are using the Sherman Minton Bridge and over 125,000 vehicles travel over the Kennedy Bridge each day.

Impact on Drivers during the Closure

Drivers should prepare for congestion and lengthy delays and keep the following tips in mind:

  • Allow extra time, especially during the first few days of the closure
  • Adjust travel plans, when possible, to avoid peak travel times
  • Consider alternate routes
  • Consider carpooling or public transportation,
  • Focus on the road and avoid distractions such as cell phones