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Crime Maps

About the Data
The most recent crime data available is from 3 days prior to the current date, i.e. “three days ago”. The crime data available here contains 90 days of crime data for Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. Crime data is provided for Louisville Metro Police Divisions only; crime data does not include smaller class cities. Use Quickfind to verify your police division.

Crime data shows reported crime but does not reflect final disposition of the cases. The crime data is governed by the LMPD data policy.

How to Use the Map
The county-wide crime map below shows the most recent day of available crime data.  Enter an address, including city and state, and click "Center Here" to zoom into crime around that area. Scroll down below the map to see crime in a list.

Crime Icon Click the icons to see crime details. To see another area of crime, either enter a new address, or click and drag the icon in the middle of the map to another location to recenter.
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