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Ben Rust

Fallen Hero End of Tour: Wednesday, January 15, 1862
Rank: Patrolman
Assignment: Not available
Age: Not available
Incident Date: Wednesday, January 15, 1862
Incident Location: Suburbs
Cause of Death: Gunshot
Suspect Name: Samuel Ronk
Weapon Involved: Gun; Unknown type
Case Status: Closed


Officer Ben Rust was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a wanted man.

Officer Rust and two other officers went to the home of a suspect, Samuel Ronk, that was wanted for stealing several mules. After arriving, Officer Rust and a second officer went to the back of the home, while the other officer went to the front. Officer Rust and the second officer entered the house and were met by a female who told them that no one else was home. Officer Rust searched the second floor of the house and found it to be empty. He then began searching the first floor with the other officer. They found a room door locked and forced it open. The suspect, who was hiding in the room, pushed the door shut, but Officer Rust was able to force it open again. As he began to enter the room, the suspect opened fire, striking Officer Rust in the chest. The shot knocked Officer Rust back into the second officer. The suspect fired again, this time hitting Officer Rust in the head, killing him. The suspect continued to fire, wounding the second officer.

Upon hearing the shots, the third officer, who was stationed outside, ran into the house. He shot and wounded the suspect, then struck him in the face with a club, knocking him unconscious and breaking his jaw.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with murder.

Officer Rust was survived by his mother and two sisters.

Louisville Division of Police