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John Fow

End of Tour: Sunday, February 18, 1917John Fow
Rank: Patrolman
Assignment: Mounted Patrol
Age: 27
Incident Date: Saturday, February 17, 1917
Incident Location: Bland Street
Cause of Death: Gunshot
Suspect Name: Tom Harrison
Weapon Involved: Gun; Unknown type
Case Status: Open


Mounted Patrolman John Fow was shot at 6 pm at a grocery store at 1468 Bland Street on Saturday, February 17, 1917.

He was responding to a complaint from 2 boys that were delivering meat to the store that 2 other boys were throwing rocks at them. He went inside the store and a man identified as Tom Harrison, the step-father of one of the boys that was supposedly throwing the rocks, asked Fow what the trouble was. A struggle ensued, Harrison stepped back, pulled out a gun and fired 2 shots, one hitting Fow in the chest on his left side and one hitting his right arm. "I am paralyzed," said Fow. "Tell the police to come and get me," he said to Mr. Newell, the owner of the grocery store. Harrison fled and Fow sank into unconsciousness.

Officer Fow died at 2:28 am on Sunday, February 18, 1917. Death was from hemorrhages of the left lung.

Although the gunman was identified as Tom Harrison, he was never captured.

Following the murder of Patrolman Fow, it is rumored that Tom Harrison would visit Louisville occasionally in a disguise.

Patrolman Fow had been with the agency for six years.

Louisville Division of Police