Campus Watch Lock Down Procedures

574-LMPD Anonymous Crime Tip Line


  • Life threatening situation inside or outside the building.
  • All normal operations cease.
  • All personnel remain in their secure location until the all clear is given.
  • Lock down is initiated by the building principal/manager or the designated representative.


  1. Immediately notify all personnel to go to lock down status.
  2. Teachers/staff should check the hallway immediately outside their room and bring uninvolved non-threatening students into their classroom or office.
  3. Close and lock all doors - internal and external.
  4. Once external doors are locked, all staff and students outside the building should go directly to the school's designated alternate site/location.
  5. Turn off lights in classrooms and offices.
  6. Move personnel away from and out of view of windows and doors.
  7. All personnel not directly involved in crisis response will maintain a "sterile" environment - no sound and no movement visible to the windows and doors.
  8. The person in charge of each room will obtain the lock down folder and place the following placards under the door and into the hall if there is no window in the door: (a) If there are no injuries and the room is secured, the green placards will be used. With the black marker, indicate the number of room occupants in parenthesis next to the room number, such as 105 (20) to indicate 20 people in Room 105. (b) If there are injuries and immediate medical help is needed, then the number of people needing medical attention in parenthesis next to the room number, such as 105 (20-2) to indicate 20 people in Room 105 with 2 needing medical attention.