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Safety Tips & Initiatives

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Active Shooter

Department of Homeland Security's Active Shooter Preparedness

Auto Theft and Theft from Auto

The top items stolen from autos are: currency, credit or debit card, purse, wallet, checkbook, driver's license, social security card, cell phone, Ipod or MP3 player, CDs, gift card, CD player, laptop, membership card, digital camera, sunglasses, health insurance card, medication, DVD player and GPS system.

Auto Theft Prevention Tips  (pdf file)

Auto Theft and Theft from Auto Statistics (pdf file)

Top 20 Stolen Vehicles (pdf file)

Campus Watch

The Campus Watch program includes security surveys, crime prevention brochures/presentations, safety seminars, the Crime Tip Hotline (574-LMPD), Neighborhood Watch, Citizen Observer, officers as guest instructors, text messaging to 574-LMPD, Quick Tip cards and Campus Watch posters.

Campus Watch Crime Prevention Tips

Campus Watch Reporting a Crime

Campus Watch Armed Intruder Tips

Campus Watch Lock Down Procedures

Crimes Against Seniors Information

Crimes Against Seniors Information

Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention Tips

Delivery Driver Crime Prevention Tips

Distracted Driving

Fatal Distractions Article

Fatal Distractions Article - Part II

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Elder Abuse

Senior Crime Prevention Tips

Internet Safety Tips

Internet Safety Tips

Meth Labs

Meth Lab Information


Use MetroWatch

Operation Return Home

Operation Return Home Alert Page

Preventing Business Theft

Preventing Business Theft

Traffic/Driver Safety

Traffic Safety Tips