Administrative Services Division

Major Robert Schroeder -- Email
Phone (502) 574-7190

Planning and Technology Unit

Lieutenant Matthew Meagher -- Email

Research and Development Unit
633 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone (502) 574-7141 

Deborah Mitchell -- Email

Responsibilities include conducting research in areas affecting policy development, maintaining the Department’s Standard Operating Procedures and forms and completing special projects assigned by the Command Staff.

Crime Information Center
633 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone (502) 574-7989

Sergeant Holly Rogers -- Email

Provides the department with crime statistics that are used for tactical planning and deployment of resources. This unit shall collect, analyze and disseminate timely and useful information, especially actionable intelligence to assist officers and detectives in their efforts.

Technical Services
633 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone (502) 574-4627

Sergeant Donnie Masden -- Email

Responsible for land lines, cell phones and pagers. Provides customer service to the public, via the front desk at police headquarters.

Open Records Unit
633 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone (502) 574-7697 or 7496

Sergeant Jim Bland -- Email

Sharon King -- Email

Lydia King -- Email

All open records requests shall be handled by the Open Records Coordinator’s Office, with the exception of departmental photographs, which shall be handled by the Photo Lab, and media requests, which shall be handled by the Media and Public Relations Office.

Inspections and Compliance Unit
400 South First Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone (502) 574-8873

Lieutenant Micah Scheu -- Email

Responsible for inspectional service duties which include monitoring compliance with the department's inventory policy, conducting staff and field inspections and assisting in the reinstatement of officers after extended absences from duty.

Records Management

Robin Oates -- Email

Data Information Center
400 South First Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 574-7437

Angela Schneider -- Email

Jeffrey Rice -- Email

The Data Information Center validates police reports for accuracy prior to data entry and enters paper police reports into the Records Management System (RMS). The center also validates and approves all electronic reports that have been submitted by officers and approved by sergeants to ensure compliance for the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and Uniform Offense Report (UOR). The center approves all electronic CRASH reports and scans and enters paper CRASH reports.

LMPD Service Center
768 Barret Avenue
Louisville, KY  40204
(502) 574-5673

Susan Bowling -- Email

Robin Vaughan -- Email

The LMPD Service Center includes the services of the Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) and the Crime Tip Line. The LMPD Service Center is responsible for taking reports in lieu of sending a police officer to the scene. The center also compiles crime tips generated from the community. The LMPD Service Center operator gathers all the information related to the crime committed and enters it into the Records Management System.

To contact TRU to make a police report, please call the MetroSafe Call Center at (502) 574-7111, where it will be determined if it meets the criteria for which TRU can take the call and the report.

Operation Hours: 24/7

Public Service Counter
633 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202
(502) 574-7058

Sandy Goose -- Email

The Public Service Counter is the central location where citizens can obtain official copies of incident reports and accident reports. This unit assists customers in person, fields calls from the public concerning records related matters and collects fees and reimbursements for the department.

Operation Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

To learn more on how to obtain an accident report or an incident/offense report electronically, please click here.

False Alarm Reduction Unit
633 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202
(502) 574-2308

Pam Steiger -- Email

The False Alarm Reduction Unit is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the false alarm ordinance.

Property Room

635 Industry Road
Louisville, KY  40208
Phone (502) 574-2410

Lieutenant Bruce Turner -- Email

The Property Room is responsible for storing, accounting for and disposing of seized property, found property, recovered property and forwarded evidence. The Property Room ensures the integrity of all property or evidence.

The Property Room is open to the public from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Please click here to find out how to get your property out of the Property Room.

Vehicle Impoundment Unit

1487 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY  40206
Phone (502) 574-7078

Lieutenant Andrew Amrhein -- Email

The Vehicle Impoundment Unit (VIU) is responsible for the impoundment of vehicles that are in violation of traffic regulations, blocking streets or abandoned in public areas. The VIU is also responsible for providing towing and impoundment services for vehicles identified as nuisances by Metro Inspections, Permits and Licenses and clearing streets after vehicular accidents. The unit stores vehicles involved in fatal accidents, arson investigations and other criminal activity.

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