Administrative Services


Administrative Services consist of the following:

Court Liaison Office (CLO) - Acts as a liaison between the LMPD and external criminal justice system agencies that interact within the court system.

Sergeant Brian Hellinger -- Email

Vehicle Impoundment Liaison - Responsible for coordinating with the Public Works Department - Vehicle Impoundment Division and numerous towing contractors responsible for the impounding of vehicles as deemed necessary by department members or vehicles in violation of state laws and local ordinances.

Lieutenant Andy Amrhein -- Email

Fleet Management
- Responsible for managing, operating, repairing and replacing fleet vehicles.

Lieutenant Micah Sheu -- Email

Accident/Pursuit Review Board - Reviews all vehicle traffic collisions and other incidents resulting in damage to a departmental vehicle, while under the control or in the possession of a departmental member, sworn or civilian.

Lieutenant Micah Sheu -- Email