Internship Program

Internship Program

No asset is as valuable as practical experience for someone entering into a career in television

Apply for an Internship

You may find it difficult to gain needed experience while pursuing and paying for a valued education.

Metro TV provides interns with a fast-paced, hands-on video production experience. Interns work with professional staff to produce quality programming for MetroTV. 

Internship applicants must have at least a minimum level of production experience to qualify.  MetroTV staff will determine eligibility based on the applicant's level of experience, scheduling availability, aptitude and motivation. 

Interns work in a professional environment, are expected to meet deadlines and produce quality video productions.

What opportunities are offered?

You have the opportunity to be a producer, director, reporter, editor, camera operator, promotion producer, audio engineer and more. 

We stress an all-around learning experience, with on opportunity to specialize in a specific role. 

What experience will an intern gain?

Interns interested in journalism will have the opportunity to report, produce packages and host programs to gain valuable on-air experience.

Interns interested in television production will be able to direct, edit, shoot, and produce programs while working with equipment used throughout the industry in remote and studio settings.

Interns interested in promotions will have the chance to create television and web promos.

Interns will work with other interns in the program alongside our experienced full-time staff in a small, comfortable atmosphere.

MetroTV at work

MetroTV Staff directs
Gavel to Gavel coverage

Taping of Metro Update

MetroTV staff prepare to tape a Metro Update