Illegal Vehicles

Improper storage of inoperable vehicles can be a serious problem for a neighborhood. The vehicles are unsightly, clutter the neighborhood, provide harborage for rodents and are an attractive nuisance for children.
This regulation addresses two problems associated with vehicle storage and repair:

Your vehicle is parked/stored illegally if there is:

It is the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle, the owner of the property, or the person in possession of the property where the motor vehicle is located to correct the situation or remove the vehicle.

Vehicles may not be parked in the required front or side yards except on a hard-durable surface known as a driveway. This driveway may only be a maximum width of 20 feet.

Failure to comply with a notice to correct the situation or remove the improperly parked/stored motor vehicle will result in the impoundment and disposal of the vehicle and may also result in criminal fines or imprisonment.