Neighborhood Place is a network of multi-service centers throughout Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky. Closely linked with schools, the centers provide community residents a single access point to an array of services where they live.

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810 Barret NP
810 Barret Ave

810 Satellite NP
@L&N 4th Floor
908 West Broadway

Bridges of Hope NP
1411 Agonquin Parkway

Bridges of Hope NP 
Satellite @L&N
2nd, 3rd & 9th Floors 
908 West Broadway

Cane Run NP
3410 Lees Lane

First NP
1503 Rangeland Road

Northwest NP
4018 West Market St.

South Central NP
4255 Hazelwood Ave.

South Jefferson NP
1000 Neighborhood PL

South Jefferson Satellite @ Valley
10200 Dixie Highway

Ujima NP
3610 Bohne Avenue