South Central NP Brief History

History of South Central NP

Neighborhood Place South Central opened its doors on May 7, 2003, nearly six years after its anticipated opening, fulfilling the dream of a complete NP system covering all families in Jefferson County.  The 15, 000 square foot facility houses 66 staff from all the Partner Agencies.   Nancy Lasky was hired as the first Administrator and continues in that role today.

Neighborhood Place South Central is located in the most diverse area of Jefferson County.    The service area is home to Catholic Charities – the major Kentucky refugee resettlement group- and two large Community Centers serving refugee and immigrant families.   About 25 % of South Central customers speak a language other that English as their first language.

Over the years, South Central has been involved in a number of initiatives designed to support families including: The Community Partnership for the Protection of Children, the Truancy Court Diversion Project, HiHopes (the Hazelwood- Iroquois Homes Health initiative), Community Assessment and Planning Project.    The Community Council at South Central works to determine specific needs of families in the area and has hosted programs to address community needs such as a Bike Safety Rodeo, Back to School Event; and a Family Nutrition Fair.  The Council is currently working on providing families information on summer activities and camps for children, summer lunch programs, and opportunities for learning.

Since its 2003 opening South Central has seen a continuing increase in demand for services.  Over 50, 000 families each year visit South Central to access a wide variety of services that support self-sufficiency.