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Metro Newsroom 

Executive Order on Family Violence

Wednesday January 25, 2006

Dear Metro Employee,

Family violence is a serious problem that impacts our entire community.

It affects people of all races, ages and gender and occurs in the home, on our streets, and in the workplace.

In addition to the deaths and serious injuries, family violence has a huge impact on people's lives, especially women, who are most often the victims, and children who either witness the violence or are directly abused.

It is important that Louisville Metro Government take a strong stand and be a leader in the prevention and elimination of family violence. That is why I recently signed the Executive Order on family violence in the workplace that you can read below.

A key provision of the order is that Louisville Metro Government will develop and implement a comprehensive Family Violence in the Workplace Policy, which our Metro Office for Women is taking a lead role in developing.

This new policy will help create a workplace environment that provides safety and support for all of our employees.

I know you will join me in achieving that goal.

Mayor Jerry Abramson

Executive Order for Louisville Metro on Family Violence in the Workplace: Freedom from Violence

WHEREAS , family violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that can be physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, and/or economic, and is intended to establish and maintain control over another individual;

WHEREAS , family violence has a far-reaching negative impact on individuals, families, and the community as a whole and will not be tolerated;

WHEREAS , family violence affects people of all races, gender, cultures, religions, sexual orientation, socio-economic levels, and ages; is present in all communities and damages and destroys individuals, relationships, families, and businesses;

NOW, THEREFORE , pursuant to the authority vested in me as chief executive officer of Louisville Metro by KRS 67C.105, and every other power hereto enabling, I hereby order and direct as follows

  • Louisville Metro Government will not tolerate family violence;
  • Louisville Metro Government will work diligently to provide a workplace environment that is violence free and provide avenues for support and assistance to victims of family violence without fear of reproach or discrimination;
  • Louisville Metro Government will ensure that Personnel Policies and Procedures are responsive to victims of family violence;
  • Louisville Metro Government will develop and implement a comprehensive Family Violence in the Workplace Policy and Procedures to provide programmatic and policy support consistent with the goals of this Executive Order. The Office for Women will take the lead in developing this policy in collaboration with other Metro Government departments and community organizations. The Policy shall include:
    • Options for assistance and support for employees who are victimized by family violence;
    • Guidelines for disciplinary action for any employee who engages in family violence behavior using metro government time, resources or authority;
    • Increased availability of informational and education materials on family violence and family violence in the workplace in Metro Government work sites;
    • Training and education for all metro government employees;
    • Distribution of this Executive Order and related policy to all metro government employees.
  • A Task Force will be assembled to provide input and guidance on the development and implementation of this policy and shall include Metro Government and community representatives. This Task Force will be assembled and chaired by the Louisville Metro Office for Women;
  • If an employee who is under the hiring and firing authority of the Mayor is convicted of charges relating to family violence or is found in violation of a restraining order, and this behavior occurred at the workplace, during work hours, while carrying out Metro Government business or using Metro Government resources or authority, that employee shall be disciplined in an appropriate manner, up to and including dismissal and will be referred to the Employee Assistance Program for appropriate counseling;

I further direct all Cabinet Secretaries, Department Heads and Louisville Metro Government employees to render such assistance and support as is required for the implementation of the foregoing policy.

Jerry E. Abramson

Louisville Metro Mayor