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Metro Newsroom 

2005 DUI convictions 92 percent

Thursday February 2, 2006

Irv Maze Announces DUI Convictions Exceed 92% for 2005
Irv Maze, Jefferson County Attorney, announced today Metro Louisville DUI convictions averaged more than 92% for calendar year 2005. It is the highest annual average for such cases since Maze formed a dedicated DUI Unit in September 2001. Six full-time assistant county attorneys and a victim advocate prosecute more than 4,000 DUI arrests annually in Jefferson District Court.

“I am very proud of this year’s results,” said County Attorney Maze. “My DUI prosecutors work hard to get convictions in these cases, and this average indicates we are doing something right.”

Since formation of the unit, with very few exceptions, only DUI prosecutors handle DUI cases, and the DUI victim advocate maintains close contact with victims, breathalyzer technicians, police officers and others involved in each case. The result has been continuity in prosecution and accountability.

In 2001, a challenge to the “implied consent” portion of Kentucky’s DUI law (KRS 189A) reduced the conviction rate in Jefferson County to 64%. County Attorney Maze successfully argued the case before the Kentucky Supreme Court, which upheld the law’s wording. Since the formation of the dedicated DUI prosecution unit in the same year, conviction rates have averaged at or above 85%, and climbed steadily to today’s figure.


The County Attorney's DUI Prosecution Team 2005 conviction rate average is more than 92%, the highest in the history of this dedicated unit. (l-r) Victim Advocate Jeanette Vize, Division Chief Bob Fleck, and prosecutors Roger Cooper, Jim Higgins, Adrienne Earley, Chad Smith and Scooter Bell.