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Mayor Honors Good Neighbors

Wednesday September 5, 2007

Mayor Jerry Abramson announced 29 neighbors selected for the 2007 Mayor’s Good Neighbor Award. This is the second year for the awards, which honor citizens who put extra effort into helping neighbors and improving their neighborhoods.

“These good neighbors are making our community a better place to call home by taking the extra steps to improve the quality of life for their neighbors,” Abramson said. “They inspire us with their simple acts of kindness that show us that we all can do something to improve our community.”

Six panels of community leaders selected the 29 winners from among more than 130 nominees. Panelists chose representatives based on demonstration of good citizenship and participation in volunteer activities.

Highlights of the award recipients’ accomplishments include neighbors who pick up litter, deliver food, run errands for elderly neighbors and visit the sick. Others volunteer for the Parks Department, civic clubs and community centers. They also organize Neighborhood Block Watches, help with landscaping and do many other good deeds.

Mayor Abramson and the Department of Neighborhoods will honor the recipients at a reception at the Galt House Hotel on Thursday, September 27 at 4:30 p.m. They will be presented with award plaques made by Louisville Stoneware that can be displayed on the outside of their homes. For more information about the award winners, contact MetroCall 311.

2007 Mayor’s

Good Neighbor Award Recipients

Reginald Price, District 1, Russell

Reginald Price is director of the Russell youth and garden clubs, president of Concerned Association of Russell Residents (CARR), and an auxiliary board member and volunteer for the Louisville Police Department’s First Division. He is also a member of Portland Now, a local artist, a mentor and a community gardener.

Normajeanne P. Maddox, District 2, Newburg

Norma Maddox is an active volunteer with the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Sixth Division as an advisory board member. She is involved in several LMPD neighborhood events like the Back to School Bash and Shop with a Cop. Maddox also helps the police division with office duties.

James Brown, District 3, Shively

James Brown is retired from the military and has lived in Shively for 26 years. He likes to work outside and always stops to say hello. He often helps neighbors with car repairs and lawn care. Brown also assists an elderly man in his neighborhood with property maintenance.

Charles T. Briscoe, District 4, Russell

Charles Briscoe walks the city blocks around his Chestnut Street home every morning to check the houses and properties in the area. He shares his tools and knowledge and helps with a community garden program. He volunteers for neighborhood cleanups and events and is a role model to young people in the neighborhood.

Rev. Barry K.Washington, District 5, Shawnee

Rev. Washington was once a drug dealer, user and addict. He turned his life around and is now committed to helping others. Rev. Washington has established several outreach programs for all ages, including a summer youth camp, GED program, computer lab training and programs for senior citizens.

Zane D. Lockhart, Jr., District 6, Old Louisville

Zane Lockhart is the driving force in the Second Street Neighborhood Association in the Old Louisville/Limerick area. He’s served as president, treasurer, newsletter editor, and secretary. He has written the newsletter for 25 years, organizes spring and fall cleanups, hosts an annual picnic for police and firefighters and helps with the Old Louisville garden and holiday house tours.

Elizabeth W. Davis and Paul J. Bickel III, District 7, Mockingbird Valley

Paul Bickel and Elizabeth Davis have worked diligently to preserve the beauty of Mockingbird Valley. With their leadership, the Mockingbird Valley neighborhood established the Mockingbird Valley Preservation Alliance and a comprehensive neighborhood plan. They also were instrumental in having the neighborhood placed on the National Register of Historic Places as helped obtain passage of area-wide rezoning.

Carol McLeod – District 8, Highlands

Carol is the founding member of the Barret Zone, a corridor of arts and shops along Barret Avenue in the Highlands. She has planted gardens and painted neighborhood murals. She created the web site and invites less fortunate artists to paint in her studio. Carol also helped an elderly neighbor get free dentures donated by a local dentist.

Patria Fielding and Michael (Mike) O’Leary, District 9, Clifton

Both of these Clifton Community co-chairs help their neighbors understand and use city services, help with pet sitting and run errands for sick or incapacitated neighbors. They have organized the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and plant swaps, and they have created an inclusive environment for several visually-impaired neighbors. Both are diligent about keeping neighbors informed about public safety and neighborhood issues.

Judy M. Simpson Magre, District 10, Germantown Paristown

Judy Simpson Magre has served as president of the German Paristown Association for 20 years. Under her leadership, the membership has doubled since 2006. She’s helped start three new block watches and assisted the neighborhood with obtaining city funding to open the Schnitzelburg Senior Center.

Meghann Frederick, District 11, Breckenridge Estates

Meghann Frederick helped establish the Breckenridge Estates Neighborhood Association and has been part of one of the most active neighborhood associations in Louisville. Nearly 80% of the more than 700 homes are active members. She created the newsletter and web site and continues to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Jeffrey Huber, District 12, Pleasure Ridge Park

As president of Valley Sports Little League, Jeff has grown the league built on the momentum of earning the Little League World Championship in 2002. Under his leadership, Valley Sports baseball has been available to all youth regardless of their ability to pay. He’s solicited donations from businesses and local government to provide scholarships to low-income youth and spearheaded the revamping of the Valley Sports fields. He’s also encouraged more use of the facility, making it a true community venue.

Sandra Blake Tucker, District 13, Fairdale

Sandy Tucker helped start a block watch in her Fairdale neighborhood. She maintains the small cemetery on Holsclaw Hill Road and has helped with cleanups at Jefferson Memorial Forest. She routinely takes neighbors’ junk to the free junk drop off days.

Virginia Perkins, District 14, Pleasure Ridge Park

Ms. Perkins has picked up thousands of cans and bags of trash along Dixie Highway and neighboring streets for more than 30 years. She spent years as a board member and volunteer for Farnsley Moreman Riverside Landing. Perkins routinely transports cancer patients to treatments, and often drives friends and neighbors to appointments.

John “Maury” Weedman, District 15, Oakdale

Maury is the vice president of the Oakdale Neighborhood Association. He delivers thousands of neighborhood newsletters, started the first neighborhood watch in the community and encourages other areas to start watches. He works closely with the police department on improving neighborhood safety.

Grover Cox, District 16, City of Graymoor-Devondale

Grover Cox is a former mayor of the city of Graymoor-Devondale. He helps youth in the community through his work with the Boys & Girls Club. Cox organizes and sponsors youth sports and activities, promoting both community and competition. He helps neighbors with snow removal and chores during the winter.

Tom Rueff, District 17, Bay Colony

Tom Rueff represents the Bay Colony neighborhood through his involvement with the Louisville Coalition of Neighborhoods. He regularly attends neighborhood workshops for homeowners’ associations and shares the information with neighbors.

Joseph Heckmann, District 18, City of Wildwood

Joe serves as Commissioner of the City of Wildwood. He led the installation of new street signs, cleared out an overgrown area and sought bids for landscaping. He cuts the grass in shared areas and works with local businesses to resolve common issues. Heckmann plans to work with neighbors and Brightside to plant more trees in the neighborhood bird sanctuary.

Jim Kennedy – District 19, Old Henry Neighborhood 

Jim Kennedy encourages neighbors to attend development meetings to learn about issues affecting areas surrounding Old Henry Road. He was a primary participant in the development of the Old Henry Land Use Master Plan which has become a guide for new development in the area. He picks up trash and large junk items dumped in the neighborhood.

Roger Roalofs, District 20, Fern Creek

Roger Roalofs is a long-time resident and local business owner in Fern Creek. His business has provided job opportunities and services for the area. He often donates pizzas from his Papa John’s franchise for local fundraisers like the Crusade for Children. He has worked with the Hand in Hand Ministries, where he traveled to Belize to help build a house for a needy family.

Ron W. Crisler, District 21, Southside Drive area

Ron Chrisler has lived in Louisville for over 50 years, and he puts his carpentry skills to work in his neighborhood. He has built wheelchair ramps for the disabled, painted houses and planted flowerbeds. Chrisler has also found side jobs for the unemployed, and tends to home maintenance and yard work for neighbors who are sick.

Tony and Jo Ann Huelse, District 22, Watterson Trail area

Tony and Jo Ann Huelse regularly check on all their neighbors, many of whom are elderly. They walk neighborhood dogs, water flowers and help neighbors with errands. They both volunteer in the community, and Tony delivers food for Meals on Wheels.

Tammy Mead, District 23, Tiffany Brooke Estates

Tammy Mead is the president of the Tiffany Brooke Homeowners Association. She’s organized neighborhood cookouts that encourage homeowners to meet each other and work out disputes. She’s recruited other neighbors to get involved in the homeowners’ association.

Robert Barker, District 24, Treasure Island

Robert Barker took the lead on clearing out an overgrown area in the Treasure Island neighborhood that had become a dumping ground and a spot for thieves to hide stolen property. He has inspired many of his neighbors to pitch in and keep that area maintained.

James Bryan, Jr., District 25, Redbud

Jim Bryan, Jr. helps out with sports activities at Doss High School and four other schools. He’s allowed high school students from Doss High School to use his barn to build a parade float. Bryan helped another neighbor after children broke into his home and dumped puzzle pieces into the snow outside. Bryan took the time to dry out the pieces and helped the neighbor put it back together.

Debby Murrell, District 26, Bon Air Estates

Debby Murrell helped form a block watch in her Bon Air Estates neighborhood. She helps neighbors by driving them to the hospital and cutting lawns when they are sick. She walks through the neighborhood, checks on elderly neighbors and picks up trash in nearby Farnsley Park. Murrell also meets with police officers about property crimes in the neighborhood.