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Leadership Louisville to offer scholarships with the help of Councilmen Tandy and Blackwell

Wednesday October 4, 2006

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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Tony Hyatt: 574-4137/ 526-3622
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Louisville – For many years, Leadership Louisville has helped find the best and the brightest in future Metro leaders.

Now the program will offer Districts 4 and 12 the opportunity to find those who want to improve their community.

“We are announcing a new scholarship program that will help financially many who want to participate in this very effective and beneficial program,” says Councilman David Tandy (D) 4.

The scholarship program will enable residents from the two districts to attend the Leadership Louisville Center. They will participate in programs designed to educate and assist future leaders in the Focus Louisville program.          

Focus Louisville is an intense two and a half day program that shows participants many aspects of the city. Its government, business and organizations and ho weach interacts with the other to solve problems.

Tandy along with Councilman Rick Blackwell (D) 12 will provide $3,000 each from their Neighborhood Development Funds for the program.

“This is a good way of not only helping future leaders but also those who receive the scholarships will get the chance to learn from professionals,” said Blackwell. “Many times, a person may say what can be done about this problem. Leadership Louisville can help show them the way.”

The Center’s mission is to develop a diverse group of leaders who serve as catalysts for a strong community.

Leadership Louisville began some thirty years ago. The key aspect of Focus Louisville is to bring different people from all areas of the city towards one goal of the best for the community.

“We must remember that while District 4 and 12 are just two areas of Louisville, we should be looking at the big picture of the entire Metro area,” said Tandy “This is a way to get all of our citizens thinking about not only what they can do for their neighborhoods but every part of our city.”

Residents of District 4 and 12 who would like to apply for the scholarship program should contact the Louisville Leadership Center to fill out an application. To obtain an application on line and learn more go to

David Tandy (D) 4
Rick Blackwell (D) 12