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Board of Water Works Approves Funding for 2014 Initiatives

Tuesday November 19, 2013

2014 Budget Highlights

At its regular meeting on November 19, the Board of Water Works approved the 2014 Operating and Capital Budget for Louisville Water.  The budget includes projects that focus on quality and innovation and improved customer service.

Capital Budget - Focus on Water Mains and New Technology
The capital budget is $68 million and one-third of this budget is aimed at maintaining over 4,100 miles of water main and related facilities.  Louisville Water will expand its use of new technology to inspect large transmission mains (pipes larger than 20-inches in diameter). The innovation allows a robotic device to move through a water main while it’s filled with water and uses an electromagnetic signal to identify potential pipe issues. Louisville Water will also replace and/or repair up to four miles of smaller water mains and install new fire hydrants throughout the service area.

By mid-2014, large-scale projects to provide water to part of Hardin County will be underway. In early 2014, we’ll also complete a project in eastern Jefferson County to provide a back-up supply of water with a 36-inch diameter transmission main from the Gene Snyder Freeway and Highway 42 to Westport Road.

The capital budget also includes the construction of an on-site chlorine generation facility at the B.E. Payne Treatment Plant in Prospect. The new facility will allow Louisville Water to produce its own supply of a dilute chlorine solution – a much safer operation for employees and neighbors.  Louisville Water constructed a similar facility at its Crescent Hill plant in 2010.

Louisville Water is in the midst of designing a new customer service system that will give customers improved access to their account information and payment options.  This system goes on-line in 2015.

Water Consumption for 2014
Louisville Water estimates it will sell 34.8 billion gallons of water in 2014 to residential, commercial, industrial and wholesale customers in Louisville Metro and surrounding counties.  The Board approved a 2014 dividend to Louisville Water’s owner, Louisville Metro of $20.2 million (an increase of 2.9% from the 2013 dividend).  Louisville Water also provides the city and customers with fire protection, maintaining 24,000 public fire hydrants. The cost of water service will increase 79-cents a month for the average residential customer using 5,000 gallons a month to $22.19.

Preserving Community Landmarks
Louisville Water is restoring two of the city’s most recognized landmarks.  An interior restoration of the original Pumping Station at Zorn and River Road will conclude in early 2014.  The Water Tower facility reopens to the public in March 2014 with the WaterWorks Museum.

Work is underway to restore the Crescent Hill Gatehouse at the Reservoir.  This 1878 facility houses the original valves that controlled the flow of water in and out of the reservoir.  Crews will replace the roof on the Gatehouse, clean and repair the building's masonry and make improvements to the interior.  It’s the first large-scale restoration of the facility since it was built.  The reservoir will remain open to walkers and runners during most of the project but you won’t be able to make a full loop around the site.  This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.