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Notice of Vacancy in Metro Council District 6

Saturday June 12, 2010


Louisville Metro Council: June 11, 2010


If a member dies while holding office of Council member, the office shall be deemed vacant as of the day following the date of death.

Due to the untimely death of Councilman George Unseld on Thursday, June 10th and according to Section 10 of the Rules of the Louisville Metro Council, the 6th District Metro Council Seat is declared vacant as of June 11, 2010.


“The vacancy shall be filled pursuant to KRS 67C.103 (12) which states that . . . “in the case of a vacancy on the consolidated local government council by reason of death, resignation, or removal, the council by majority vote of the membership of the council shall elect a qualified resident of the council district not later than thirty (30) days after the date the vacancy occurs. Should the council fail to elect, by majority vote of the membership of the council, a qualified person to fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days, the mayor of the consolidated local government shall fill the vacancy by appointment of a qualified person for the unexpired term” and as referenced in KRS 67C.103 (5) and (6) which states:

(5) The members of a consolidated local government council shall be nominated and elected from the district in which they reside in partisan elections. After the initial terms of office of the first elected council members, council members shall be elected in the same election years as other local government officials as regulated by the regular election laws of the Commonwealth and as provided in subsection (4) of this section.

(6) No person shall be eligible to serve as a member of a consolidated local government

council unless he or she is at least twenty-one (21) years old, a qualified voter, and a

resident within the territory of the consolidated local government and the district that he or she seeks to represent for at least one (1) year immediately prior to the person's election. A council member shall continue to reside within the district from which he or she was elected throughout the term of office.


“Within seven (7) days after a vacancy shall have occurred on the Council, qualified persons interested in being appointed pursuant to Kentucky Revised Statutes to the vacant seat shall submit a resume to the Clerk of the Council.

All persons interested in filling for the 6th district Metro Council seat and meeting the criteria stated above in Sections 5 and 6 shall send a resume to the Clerk of the Metro Council no later than COB June 18, 2010 at 5:00PM. Please make sure all contact information is on the resume.

Kathy Herron

Clerk of the Metro Council

First Floor, Room 108

601 West Jefferson Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

(502) 574-1230