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In a vote of 23 to 1, the Metro Council approved a revised Memorandum of Agreement Tuesday night

Wednesday July 26, 2006

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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The resolution included many provisions previously approved by the Council on July 13th. . The revised resolution also includes a compromise worked out late last week between Democrats, Republicans and the Greater Louisville Building and Construction Trades Council.

“Everyone in Metro Louisville should be proud of the work done by the public and private sector to make the construction of this downtown multi-purpose arena a project that will truly benefit every segment of our community,” said Councilman David Tandy (D) 4. whose district includes the site where the new arena will be built.

Tandy went on to say,” By our actions today we have taken another step toward becoming the first class city we all want Louisville to be.”

“It has been a long two months and the Council has worked through some difficulties but in the end Metro Louisville will see a new arena built,” said Budget Chairman Rick Blackwell (D)12. “We never lost sight of that goal.”

Leader Jim King. (D) 10. “Our primary responsibility was to review and approve a resolution for a downtown arena. We have saved taxpayer dollars and ensured that all who want to can work on this project.”

In a special meeting, the Council acted on a revised Memorandum of Agreement identical to the one approved and later vetoed.. A compromise was worked out between Democrats and Republicans giving unions a role in monitoring work conditions and safety for the project.

“We have set aggressive goals for minorities and women employees and contractors,” said Council woman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D)5. “We now look to the Arena Authority and the state to fulfill its promises.”

The Metro Council began its review of the original Memorandum of Agreement in early June. The Budget Committee spent many hours reviewing the cost and provisions of that agreement.

The Committee found a way to save a potential $100 million in taxpayer dollars over the life of bonds in the project.

The vetoed resolution included a requirement that unions and non unions be allowed to work on the Arena project as well as these other goals:

  • *75 percent workers and contractors from Kentucky and Indiana
  • *60 percent of those workers from the Louisville SMSA
  • *20 percent minority workers and contractors
  • *5 percent women workers and contractors.
  • *project jobs open to both union and non union workers
  • *Prevailing wage to be paid for each trade involved in the project.
  • *Creation of a committee of the Louisville Urban League and the Justice Resource Center to work with the Authority to train and recruit minorities for in labor and contractors and provide verification of minority involvement.

In approving the revised resolution, the Council has given a green light to having a union representative join the special committee that will monitor the project by unions for safety and prevailing wage.

“This project is good for all of us,” said Councilman Bob Henderson (D) 14. “It does not matter where you are in Jefferson County, we have come together to make this project work.”

The resolution moves on to Mayor Jerry Abramson for his signature.

David Tandy (D) 4
Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D) 5
Rick Blackwell (D) 12
Bob henderson (D) 14