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Councilwoman Flood applauds court ruling against Cam 1 on Preston Highway

Monday July 3, 2006

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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Louisville – For more than three years, Metro Government has strived to enforce zoning laws against Cam 1 at 8209 Preston Highway.

Last Wednesday, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Ann O’Malley Shake ruled Cam 1 must cease all illegal business operations.

“I am please with this ruling,” said Councilwoman Madonna Flood (D) 24. “The city needs to take action to close this business down.”

Since 2003, Louisville Metro Government has continued to enforce local land use regulations against CAM 1. Judge Shake’s ruling upholds the findings of the government that CAM 1 does not have a legal right to conduct adult entertainment at the location.

The ruling further says the business violates zoning laws by being less than 500 from a church or residence.
“It is very hard as a member of this community and a member of the Metro Council to watch business violate the law day after day,” said Flood. “CAM 1 has ignored the laws of our community time and time again. It is time they shut their doors.”

There is no indication if the business will appeal Shake’s decision. But Flood says she and others will be vigilant in ensuring all businesses follow the law.

“The public should know we will not give up this fight,” she said. “Whatever measure local government can take to see this business is closed must be pursued. This is our neighborhood. We live by laws and so should all businesses.

Madonna Flood (D) 24