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Jefferson County elementary students say “Thank You” to Councilwoman Flood for summer camp

Thursday August 17, 2006

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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Louisville – Students at Blake, Blue Lick and Okolona Elementary are back at school this week and some have sent out very special thank you cards to Councilwoman Madonna Flood (D) 24.

“It is heart warming to know that kids who benefited from summer camp took the time to thank me.” said Flood. “That is especially true when you have helped them learn something.

The thank you notes came after Flood helped fund a special learning summer camp for about 40 of the students ranging from second to fifth graders.

Flood used money from her Neighborhood Development Funds to help family resource centers at the three schools run the summer camp the week of July 24th through the 28th.

“Through the summer camp program of the center we helped kids go to the Louisville Zoo, the Waterfront Park and they were in fun science classes,” she said. “I have to give credit for the family resource centers of these schools for coming up with innovative ways to educate children all year long.”

The camp also featured coordinated activities including a dance class.

“Thank you,” says a card from Whitence.  “I thought mad science was fun.”

“Thank you for paying for the camp and the trips,”’ said a card from Isaiah. “I liked the dance class.”

The thank you cards were hand written and colorful and recounted most of what the summer camp was all about. The cards included designs from Waterfront Park and various science projects the students participated in before the camp was over.

“Thank you for all you done for us,” said a card from Dejasia . “Thank you very much for giving us all the money for this camp, I like dance,” said a card from Emily.            Flood says the camps have also provided something positive for the children who have taken part this year.

“When you think about it, it was money well spent,” said Flood. “We had a pretty clear choice here, either help kids learn or watch them be bored and be out on the street.”

Madonna Flood (D) 24