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Majority Caucus announces legislative goals for 2007

Thursday March 8, 2007

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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The 15 members of the Metro Council’s Majority Caucus have cited affordable housing as a top priority for the city in 2007.

The creation of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund tops the list of important needs for the community.

“Every year, the Caucus reviews needs of the city and concerns of our constituents,” says Majority Leader Jim King (D) 10. “Most of us agree, this is the year to move forward with making affordable housing a priority and the most often mentioned issue this year has been the establishment of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund.”

The Caucus Priorities for 2007:

· Affordable housing

· Public safety

· Public health

· Economic development

· Cultural issues.

The other area of concern most often mentioned was “sunsetting” ordinances. Metro Council President Rick Blackwell (D) has already made those ordinances a top priority and the first 13 of 39 laws are already in the committee process.

“A majority of us believe the AHTF initiative should receive seed funding and that a dependable, consistent cash flow stream to support its mission in the future should be identified,” says Councilwoman Tina Wad-Pugh (D) 9, who was a member of the Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force. “We should be ready to move the AHTF funding forward”.

The Caucus has also cited evaluation of the new animal control ordinance as a process to monitor through the year. Louisville Metro Animal Services is set to give its first report on the new law this spring. The Budget Committee will review and LMAS need for officers and equipment in the coming year.

“Given the amount of attention paid to animal control in the 2006 legislative year, some might be surprised the caucus is still focused on this issue,” said Caucus member and Rules Committee Chair, Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D) 5. “We will study empirical data LMAS Supplies to us in their reports to the Council.”

With energy costs rising and concerns over traffic congestion, the Caucus believes it is time to revisit an area from the past: light rail. While the caucus can’t necessarily impact its implementation, our members have raised concerns over the lack of attention paid to that subject in recent years.

“We need to move people in and out of our City’s core and the automobile is not the answer”, said King. “A metro connector that moves people between downtown and our airport, university, Churchill Downs, KFEC, etc., is a potential solution and the time is now to address it. Our city needs to go ‘green’ ”, King continued.

Caucus Vice-Chair David Tandy (D) 4 believes the caucus has developed a comprehensive agenda to move the city forward.

“The agenda released today makes it clear our Democratic Caucus is forward thinking and progressive”, said Tandy. "The ideas we have mentioned are a good starting point and there may be other issues that arise related to many of the areas we are talking about here."


Judith Green (D) 1

Barbara Shanklin (D) 2

Mary C. Woolridge (D) 3

David Tandy (D) 4

Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D) 5

George Unseld (D) 6

Tom Owen (D) 8

Tina Ward-Pugh (D) 9  
Jim King (D) 10

Rick Blackwell (D) 12

Vicki Welch (D) 13

Bob Henderson (D) 14

Marianne Butler (D) 15

Dan Johnson (D) 21

MAdonna Flood (D) 24